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Measure read view. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream measure read view. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

measure the view 72
Meaning of the dream: coming changes

measure the pressure 23
Description: small health problems

to measure 89
Interpretation of the dream: distrust

measure a dress 14
Translation: susceptibility and selfishness

measure the cloth 55
Dream description: construction work

measure a distance 34
Meaning: liveliness of wit

measure home 80
Translation of the dream: excesses to be avoided

measure the chest 66
Interpretation: vivid imagination

measuring road 33
Sense of the dream: exaggerated sentimentality

view 40
What does it mean: horror and fright

good view 24
Meaning of the dream: occasional activities

view of city 45
Description: Understanding with friends and relatives

lake view 45
Interpretation of the dream: friendships safe

fogging the view 36
Translation: basic needs of life

weakness of view 79
Dream description: tormenting indecision

lowering of view 3
Meaning: unrealistic ideas

lack of view 18
Translation of the dream: Action misdirected

bad view 66
Interpretation: changes favorites

reeducate the view 37
Sense of the dream: successfully delayed

measuring person 8
What does it mean: discontent passengers

Alpine view 42
Meaning of the dream: pleasant surprises

view of the mountain 6
Description: tips to follow

view of the countryside 13
Interpretation of the dream: love life serene

measuring an area 70
Translation: lack of communication

begin to read 81
Dream description: troubling news

genitals exposed to public view 81
Meaning: next punishment of your crimes

receive the view of large 47
Translation of the dream: honor

read a manuscript 69
Interpretation: obstacles in work

read 6
Sense of the dream: a shocking secret will come out

unable to read 77
What does it mean: deceit and slander

read on the veranda 55
Meaning of the dream: perfect agreement in family

weak sight 66
Description: vivid imagination

learning to read 2
Interpretation of the dream: achievable business

read science fiction books 66
Translation: unexpected good news

read announcements 16
Dream description: dishonor

read brochures 20
Meaning: morbid curiosity

read verses 10
Translation of the dream: mental clarity

read the gospel 53
Interpretation: good intentions

read letters 38
Sense of the dream: good news

Read the Bible 36
What does it mean: spirit discreet

read a poem 6
Meaning of the dream: business proposition

read short story 48
Description: tranquility of mind

etiquette read 80
Interpretation of the dream: intelligence vivid

read a diary 3
Translation: you hanker

read again 88
Dream description: Work in progress

read a proverb 4
Meaning: good advice

read a breviary 81
Translation of the dream: agreements that are successful

read the judgment 30
Interpretation: false situation

read the writings 60
Sense of the dream: good luck

read a letter 9
What does it mean: bitter budget

read a proclamation 8
Meaning of the dream: rivalry to deal

read in Latin 4
Description: desire to escape

read the magazine 50
Interpretation of the dream: willingness labile

read your address 22
Translation: Announcements

views 28
Dream description: divergences clarified

measure height 84
Meaning: superficiality of judgment

measure piece 53
Translation of the dream: right choice