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Monk eating. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream monk eating. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

monk eating 1
Meaning of the dream: incompatibility of character

monk reading 7
Description: projects to be pursued

monk singing 26
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels with friends

seeking monk 6
Translation: limited views

playing monk 8
Dream description: old problems to be solved

walking monk 17
Meaning: wishes fulfilled

wounded monk 12
Translation of the dream: proposals devious

guardian monk 1
Interpretation: momentary satisfactions

monk preaching 85
Sense of the dream: revenge on opponents

monk praying 49
What does it mean: serious concerns

monk assaulted 89
Meaning of the dream: overcoming of obstacles

monk studying 23
Description: a relationship that seemed frivolous and passenger, will prove challenging and exciting

hanged monk 73
Interpretation of the dream: short trip

monk confessing 15
Translation: hostility in family

monaco city 65
Dream description: lasting love

drinking monk 70
Meaning: good health

monaco of beer 8
Translation of the dream: gumption

monk who says mass 26
Interpretation: difficult character

monk 69
Sense of the dream: contentment and quiet life

37 - Smorfia classic: monk 37

Abbess eating 77
Meaning of the dream: waste substances

laborer eating 8
Description: News coming soon

bum eating 18
Interpretation of the dream: new relationships

godmother eating 7
Translation: revenge on enemies

monk nurse 62
Dream description: requited love

scandalous monk 40
Meaning: perseverance in work

monk prior 10
Translation of the dream: family disgrace

Mason eating 48
Interpretation: wealth

monk in prison 8
Sense of the dream: you want more freedom

dead monk 10
What does it mean: positive news

monk doorkeeper 36
Meaning of the dream: great fortune

holy monk 15
Description: fears

dog eating 61
Interpretation of the dream: Useful corrections

monk sacristan 70
Translation: economic loss

turkey eating 57
Dream description: disputes with relatives

horse eating 9
Meaning: situation calm

ox eating 8
Translation of the dream: to avoid provocations

inmate eating 27
Interpretation: compromise solution

rugged eating 44
Sense of the dream: joyfulness

Archduke eating 60
What does it mean: honest advice

boatman eating 72
Meaning of the dream: malicious enemies

canary eating 81
Description: innovations

gecko eating 71
Interpretation of the dream: excellent professional competence

Cappuccino eating 56
Translation: friendly meetings

Camel eating 17
Dream description: continuous renewal

bull eating 33
Meaning: Work in progress

Kangaroo eating 50
Translation of the dream: overcoming difficulties

Penguin eating 46
Interpretation: meddling in the affairs of people

monk seeker 17
Sense of the dream: emotional stability

insulted monk 19
What does it mean: changes conducive

woman eating 69
Meaning of the dream: Sudden movement

deer eating 13
Description: likely change

Bear eating 10
Interpretation of the dream: desire for novelty

rabbit eating 34
Translation: excessive pride

dove eating 32
Dream description: misunderstandings and gossip

monkey eating 19
Meaning: presumption and Lies