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The history, the origins and the legend of the Neapolitan Smorfia

Curiosity and legend of the most famous cabal in the world

According to history, the term "smorfia" is linked to the name of Morpheus, the god of sleep in ancient Greece and seems to have very ancient origins and mysterious. In fact, legend has it that its origin lies within the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition (Kabbalah), since according to the kabbalists in the Holy Bible, there are letters, words and signs that have mysterious meanings and that it is used in numerology to be associated with each name a number.

Other theories attribute the origin of the more modern face to the need to associate the meaning of a dream to everyday relazionandolo through symbols and numbers, leading often useful advice in real life every day.

The smorfia, also called Kabbalah, is traditionally linked to the city of Naples and its narrow streets, which has a long tradition of affection for the lottery.

The Smorfia Neapolitan is the most widely used book of dreams, in the tradition partenopeaconsiste in a series of 90 numbers that correspond to words, objects, and names, that through a fairly accurate coding provides a different number depending on the context.

In ancient times the Smorfia was passed down orally and was later transcribed onto paper, using the figures for the illiterate, the numbers side by side, but in more modern Smorfia Neapolitan found space characters in the modern landscape or in the recent past very attached to Naples and has been a source of inspiration for the film, the protagonist of dialogues and sketches designed and proposed by Neapolitan actors.

Passion and philosophy of life, the Smorfia Neapolitan is the mother of cabals Italian, nothing scientific, but certainly a folk tradition born of the people for the people, a way of hope in our unconscious, in his representations through dreams and the numbers game lot.