Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Measure the view. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: measure the view

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measure the view 72
Meaning of the dream: coming changes

view 40
Dream Interpretation: horror and fright

weakness of view 79
Meanings of dreams: tormenting indecision

lake view 45
Dream Interpretations: friendships safe

reeducate the view 37
What does this mean: successfully delayed

view of city 45
What does it mean: Understanding with friends and relatives

view of the countryside 13
Meaning of the dream: love life serene

view of the mountain 6
Dream Interpretation: tips to follow

Alpine view 42
Meanings of dreams: pleasant surprises

good view 24
Dream Interpretations: occasional activities

lowering of view 3

bad view 66

receive the view of large 47
Meaning of the dream: honor

to measure 89
Dream Interpretation: distrust

beyond measure 3

genitals exposed to public view 81
Meaning of the dream: next punishment of your crimes

disapprove a measure 28
Dream Interpretation: painful surprise

Measure distance 37
Meanings of dreams: precision work

liter (measure) 59
Dream Interpretations: luck in business

measure a dress 14
What does this mean: susceptibility and selfishness

land measure 35
What does it mean: constancy in work

measure a distance 34
Meaning of the dream: liveliness of wit

measure height 84
Dream Interpretation: superficiality of judgment

measure piece 53
Meanings of dreams: right choice

measure (liter) 59
Dream Interpretations: luck in business

measure satin 71
What does this mean: goods thwarted

measure the cloth 55
What does it mean: construction work

measure the chest 66
Meaning of the dream: vivid imagination

take measure chest 19
Dream Interpretation: assertiveness

gallon measure 30

foot measure 18

lengthen an interview 84
Meaning of the dream: changes favorites

shoemaker taking measurements 18
Dream Interpretation: favorable events

ask for an interview 15
Meanings of dreams: advantages to the detriment of other

refuse an interview 40
Dream Interpretations: discontent

to interview 42
What does this mean: you ll lose a lot of time unnecessarily

interview a politician 31
What does it mean: rebelliousness

interview an artist 44
Meaning of the dream: friendly meetings

interviewing women 21
Dream Interpretation: nervous tension

get the interview by a journalist 17
Meanings of dreams: useless chatter about you

interview 22
Dream Interpretations: do not listen to the bad languages

measuring cloth 4
What does this mean: bold initiative

measuring an area 70
What does it mean: lack of communication

take an interview 85
Meaning of the dream: new interests

meter measurement 39
Dream Interpretation: You re lucky in trades

measures and weights 33
Meanings of dreams: You are a slave of prejudices

Weights and measures 33
Dream Interpretations: you are a slave of prejudices

do radio interviews 39
What does this mean: good relations

review 35
What does it mean: you will be notified of a mishap

film review 41
Meaning of the dream: situation to be clarified immediately

military review 26
Dream Interpretation: positive ideas

naval review 83
Meanings of dreams: pleasant novelty

record interviews 1
Dream Interpretations: intemperance harmful

review the lesson 18
What does this mean: harassment passing

to review 13
What does it mean: suspicions and doubts

reviewing bills 3
Meaning of the dream: suspicions and doubts