Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

sketch in wax

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: sketch in wax

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44 sketch in wax
loss of property

16 sketch
willingness constructive

53 sketch a sculpture
dangerous business

88 sketch in plaster
happy marriage

60 sketch in clay
attention to debt

16 sketch a painting
decision constructive

17 sketch a wall
momentary embarrassment

53 wax
successful initiatives

31 use wax
resolutions postponed

19 see use wax
emotional complications

18 wax doll
difficult ascent

90 puppet wax
demonstration of gratitude

40 wax cast
deserved awards

47 candle wax
sacrifices to be made

55 white wax
strength and health

54 colored wax
spirit dreamer

84 melted wax
poor health

10 black wax
sense of duty

81 floor wax
precipitate action

40 sealing wax
susceptibility exaggerated

21 wax silver
susceptibility exaggerated

49 wax golden
secrets, to keep

85 wax white
reckless exuberance

71 red wax
willingness relentless

76 wax green
prodigality eccentric

26 wax tile
difficult relationships

15 use sealing wax
prudence and confidentiality

59 casting wax
obstacles to overcome

13 wax matches
pleasant adventure

65 liquefy wax
suffering in danger

55 smell of wax
Reports dangerous

11 wax torch
recovery of old ties

43 weatherstripping with wax
nervous imbalance

64 artificer in wax figures
your diligence it will be profitable

41 sealing wax black
mistaken beliefs

11 sketching a drawing
will constructive

25 beeswax
intimate satisfactions