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Church flooding. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream Church flooding. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Church flooding 39
Meaning of the dream: favorable earnings coli abroad

house flooding 50
Description: sign of maturity and growth

flooding in the country 17
Interpretation of the dream: your achievements love vanish

Flooding in the city 27
Translation: attention to your enemies who want to harm you

church step 88
Dream description: Company fortunate

church lighting 39
Meaning: susceptibility exaggerated

see flooding 34
Translation of the dream: pleasant encounters

church steeple 63
Interpretation: lack of commitment

leave the church 34
Sense of the dream: delays and impediments

a church door 29
What does it mean: slow improvement

attending church 77
Meaning of the dream: situation stable

sweep a church 5
Description: friendships

chandelier church 29
Interpretation of the dream: sudden change of plans

entrance of a church 81
Translation: strength of character

go to church 67
Dream description: physical ailments

door of the church 90
Meaning: serenity reports

church lectern 83
Translation of the dream: shyness to win

church 84
Interpretation: godsend

wallpaper of church 44
Sense of the dream: precious aid

church usher 7
What does it mean: sudden change of plans

pinnacle of the church 4
Meaning of the dream: you will be robbed

the nave of a church 20
Description: someone close to you and you are not aware

roof of a church 76
Interpretation of the dream: security and aid

church ugly 24
Translation: setbacks that hinder

Flooding rain 41
Dream description: ruin

church decked 40
Meaning: awards to your work

church baptized 51
Translation of the dream: news from afar

rob a church 10
Interpretation: jealousy and backbiting

church full 73
Sense of the dream: riches and honors

enter the church 67
What does it mean: Closing activities

flooding 27
Meaning of the dream: personal problems

demolish a church 41
Description: unhappy love

embellishing a church 84
Interpretation of the dream: setback

empty church 64
Translation: threatening disease

illuminated church 49
Dream description: good wishes

Church burned 60
Meaning: to avert danger

church closed 30
Translation of the dream: dangers to be avoided

Greek church 75
Interpretation: ambitions fulfilled

expelled from the church 64
Sense of the dream: need for adaptation

approaching the church 31
What does it mean: misgivings

prince of the church 53
Meaning of the dream: envy of colleagues

halberdier church 33
Description: happiness deserved

draw a church 15
Interpretation of the dream: zeal and patience

close a church 58
Translation: revenge on enemies

venerate the church 54
Dream description: great consolation and joy

violate church 28
Meaning: severe damage and sorrows

church open 13
Translation of the dream: long life and abundance

church with priests 73
Interpretation: tranquility of mind

church with monks 55
Sense of the dream: cunning and craftiness

shore up a church 7
What does it mean: wishes fulfilled

wrought church 25
Meaning of the dream: passing enthusiasm

church cruet 41
Description: happiness next

Church with nuns 8
Interpretation of the dream: talk to neighbors

illuminate the church 57
Translation: conflicts of interest