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Illuminated entry. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream illuminated entry. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

solemn entry 47
Meaning of the dream: quiet situation

prohibit entry 38
Description: trouble from relatives

entrance 1
Interpretation of the dream: joy and happiness

entry of local 29
Translation: gambling

false entry 51
Dream description: unexpected support

cemetery illuminated 23
Meaning: risky business

illuminated altar 77
Translation of the dream: bad friends

illuminated tunnel 71
Interpretation: Fears passengers

illuminated hall 34
Sense of the dream: Understanding emotional

entrance of a graveyard 5
What does it mean: ambition realized

Cinema illuminated 27
Meaning of the dream: deceptions secrets

illuminated staircase 11
Description: new hope

entrance to the cinema 64
Interpretation of the dream: you ll face a difficult situation

entrance of a theater 82
Translation: need for restrictions

lounge illuminated 63
Dream description: love declaration

entrance of a church 81
Meaning: strength of character

entrance to a house 40
Translation of the dream: joy and happiness

illuminated spire 49
Interpretation: important relationships

crib illuminated 49
Sense of the dream: spiritual understanding

illuminated villa 44
What does it mean: intellectual interests

illuminated theater 3
Meaning of the dream: deceptions secrets

illuminated church 49
Description: good wishes

illuminated square 70
Interpretation of the dream: intellectual interests

free admission 17
Translation: misunderstandings with relatives

entrance of a building 50
Dream description: joy

entrance of a hotel 22
Meaning: You will face a long difficult period for business

illuminated dome 20
Translation of the dream: pursuit of perfection

input of a station 14
Interpretation: important meeting

illuminated room 30
Sense of the dream: momentary embarrassment

illuminated alphabet 40
What does it mean: sympathies dangerous

illuminated festively 20
Meaning of the dream: needs change

lighted closet 22
Description: situation stable

private road 3
Interpretation of the dream: days relaxing

lighted window 28
Translation: likely change

darkness lit 15
Dream description: positive increase vitality

theater ticket 41
Meaning: sensitivity of mind

lit atrium 28
Translation of the dream: reckless projects

aisle 41
Interpretation: threat of damage

lighted lantern 71
Sense of the dream: hopes excellent

alley lit 54
What does it mean: complex issues to be resolved

incoming train 82
Meaning of the dream: important relationships

wagonlit 29
Description: economic improvement

vestibule lit 42
Interpretation of the dream: useful clarifications

street lit 25
Translation: need of rest

bait lit 10
Dream description: joy

bitumen lit 32
Meaning: Unresolved questions

lie lit 87
Translation of the dream: Good business opportunities

lit coal 8
Interpretation: profitable activities

lights in large numbers 5
Sense of the dream: profit

admission fee 5
What does it mean: to overcome prejudices

chandelier lit 48
Meaning of the dream: sensitive period

coals off 85
Description: unfounded jealousy

signal flare 60
Interpretation of the dream: small disappointments

catacombs lit 67
Translation: unexpected help

entering the barracks 51
Dream description: thwarted love

enter the church 67
Meaning: Closing activities