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Have more than one member. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream have more than one member. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

have more than one member 43
Meaning of the dream: you do not feel sexually normal

small member 41
Description: you should resize your inferiority complexes

amputated member 27
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous situation

have member for a woman 10
Translation: envy the very rock male

Member erection 40
Dream description: desire

member of the political 90
Meaning: waste of money

burning member 74
Translation of the dream: sudden surprises

Member cut 22
Interpretation: poverty

scientific member 37
Sense of the dream: careful not to carouse

member genital 29
What does it mean: sexual desire

Member of Parliament 1
Meaning of the dream: hopes dashed

Member of the Senate 30
Description: fortune

male member 29
Interpretation of the dream: balance

individual member 34
Translation: concerns

be a member 40
Dream description: bitterness of love

honorary member 43
Meaning: dangerous hazards

Member of Parliament in session 83
Translation of the dream: treat yourself to a little rest

disinherit a family member 53
Interpretation: unreasonable obstinacy

have more than five fingers to the hand 27
Sense of the dream: novel alliance, friendship, luck, profit, legacy

limb see a member articulated 53
What does it mean: You meet a dear old friend

Member inert 27
Meaning of the dream: you can not demonstrate your ability

clean or have more than two ears 17
Description: friends and faithful servants

a selfish family member 47
Interpretation of the dream: will and decision

have white skirt 66
Translation: taste

have a good concept 89
Dream description: castles in the air

have ammunition 28
Meaning: Ready to everything

have sensuality 27
Translation of the dream: desire for sex

have friends 65
Interpretation: Decision cautious

have the tumor 40
Sense of the dream: You think of not being able to get what you want

have a strong appetite 23
What does it mean: removal of relatives and friends

have typhus 41
Meaning of the dream: themes that your health may worsen

limb 6
Description: desire for understanding

have cholera 7
Interpretation of the dream: You get sick

have a sign 19
Translation: safety

have clothes 39
Dream description: pain near

to have assets 77
Meaning: you feel happy

have most beautiful ears or larger 7
Translation of the dream: success and luck merit of a close friend

have prudence 37
Interpretation: you re too reckless

have diseased lungs 81
Sense of the dream: loss of health and property for you and your

have hip stronger 46
What does it mean: joy and happiness in marriage

have very thick thighs 70
Meaning of the dream: luck and honors

have credits 2
Description: success in business

have a child 77
Interpretation of the dream: novelty

have a bad 67
Translation: rupture of relations

have a liquor 56
Dream description: fleeting pleasures

have depression 73
Meaning: your project gone wrong and you re discouraged

have or be wet 26
Translation of the dream: anger