Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

prohibit entry

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: prohibit entry

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prohibit the entry 70
useful exchange of ideas

prohibit entry 38
trouble from relatives

entry of local 29

solemn entry 47
quiet situation

false entry 51
unexpected support

prohibit 56
useful exchange of ideas

prohibit a 30
need for adaptation

prohibit the passage 16
benefit safe

prohibit a trip 84
reservations and inhibitions

prohibit an event 78
appropriate measures

prohibit a procession 89
confusion of ideas

prohibit a rally 21
offers subtle

prohibit hunting 31
good luck

prohibit a marriage 73

prohibit posting 16
New business

entrust 66
dangerous infirmity

entrust their home 83
dangerous infirmity

entrust money 44
treachery hidden

entrusting children 17
hassles and worries

entrust animals 57
betrayal of relatives

entrust secrets 66
insult received

entrust jewels 70
evil-minded friends

entrust a will 36
unexpected money

entrust a key 9
deception male

entrust a suitcase 2
quarrels inappropriate

entrust an assignment 10
ruin avoided

halberdier sentry 3

gunner sentry 68
success in studies

entrails (tripe) 48
good wishes

concentration 6
energy and endurance

concentration of troops 23
energy and endurance

concentration of forces 80
excessive lavishness

Concentration ships 16
fixity of opinions

concentration camp 39
evolution in action

concentrate 48
adaptation to the environment

concentrate on their studies 30
adaptation to the environment

sentry-box 81
happy events

sentry box empty 3
happy events

sentry box with sentinel 24
good job performance

entrance 1
joy and happiness

entrance to a house 40
joy and happiness

entrance of a church 81
strength of character

entrance of a graveyard 5
ambition realized

entrance of a theater 82
need for restrictions

sentry Sentinel 48
insured against loss

central market 55
risky actions

passage prohibited 4
serious difficulties

sentry in barracks 89
Luckily the game

sentry at the camp 31
large company

mount sentry 74
risks to be avoided

see the sentry 62
peaceful future

stand sentry 84
secret fears

dress eccentric 81
desire for novelty

entrust house 83

carpentry shop 17

ox entrails 55

sheep entrails 39

hut sentry 77

central 25

concentrating men 65

entrance to the cinema 64

entrails of ox 56

chicken entrails 28

ventricle 13