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Winter tail. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream winter tail. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

twilight winter 35
Meaning of the dream: awareness of merits

sweat winter 90
Description: heartbreak

embark winter 3
Interpretation of the dream: moment of personal growth

winter Snow 18
Translation: lost objects

rainy winter 61
Dream description: novelty and letters

winter 86
Meaning: good collection

sad winter 3
Translation of the dream: you'll get great consideration

winter provisions 5
Interpretation: gestures unwary

winter sea 5
Sense of the dream: disappointments

winter house 57
What does it mean: contrasts with friends

cold winter 65
Meaning of the dream: loneliness or sadness

winter residence 8
Description: days relaxing

winter crop 73
Interpretation of the dream: requests from relatives

winter day 6
Translation: events pleased

winter storage 41
Dream description: you have obligations that you dislike

beautiful winter storage 37
Meaning: melancholy and depression

tail dog 9
Translation of the dream: need a lot of patience

tail 6
Interpretation: assistance of friends and good luck

wound tail 58
Sense of the dream: news like

tail broken 29
What does it mean: sadness and melancholy

tail of a lion 25
Meaning of the dream: new friends

mouse tail 28
Description: triumph over enemies

monkey tail 57
Interpretation of the dream: false flattery

sheep's tail 22
Translation: bad speculations

short tail 65
Dream description: you're isolating yourself from others

tail of birds 64
Meaning: afflictions of love

scorpion tail 12
Translation of the dream: you're looking to improve your character

cooked tail 54
Interpretation: inner conflicts

volatile tail 57
Sense of the dream: interesting proposals

tail cut 83
What does it mean: hard problems

Winter apple 80
Meaning of the dream: good friendships

long tail 33
Description: boredom and loneliness

snake tail 3
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

comet tail 90
Translation: conventional relations

crocodile tail 1
Dream description: embarrassing moments

cat tail 35
Meaning: new love

man with tail 74
Translation of the dream: try to have a more open mind

donkey tail 31
Interpretation: discord with friends

stars with tail 38
Sense of the dream: need for caution

lizard without a tail 77
What does it mean: quick gains and important

badwinter 25
Meaning of the dream: opposition in business

oxtail 56
Description: new energy

ponytail 86
Interpretation of the dream: profitable business

foxtail 16
Translation: deception by a woman

fake ponytail 9
Dream description: I ll be alone

stand in line 48
Meaning: time travel

grand piano 75
Translation of the dream: pride and ambition

cold January 80
Interpretation: possibility of accomodation

conservatory for girls 20
Sense of the dream: You lose a deal

twotailed lizard 6
What does it mean: overcome differences

line at the bank 53
Meaning of the dream: predicament

Isinglass 26
Description: women gossip

billiard cue 1
Interpretation of the dream: strong character

starch glue 71
Translation: afflictions of love

Coke drinker 65
Dream description: you are looking for a more carefree life