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Sweat winter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sweat winter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sweat winter 90
Meaning of the dream: heartbreak

embark winter 3

twilight winter 35
Interpretation of the dream: awareness of merits

rainy winter 61

winter provisions 5
Dream description: gestures unwary

sad winter 3

winter 86
Translation of the dream: good collection

winter storage 41

wipe the sweat 31
Sense of the dream: serenity fictitious

sweat drying 41

winter Snow 18

winter house 57

winter residence 8
Interpretation of the dream: days relaxing

cold sweat 34
Translation: resentment useless

sweat 40
Dream description: next disease

Winter apple 80

cold winter 65

sweat hot 76
Interpretation: thwarted love

winter crop 73
Sense of the dream: requests from relatives

sweat of fear 63
What does it mean: deceptive appearances

beautiful winter storage 37

smell of sweat 36
Description: health threat

handkerchief to wipe away the sweat 53
Interpretation of the dream: await anxieties

winter day 6

bad smell of sweat 17
Dream description: health hazard

wet with sweat 78

toil with sweat 32

dripping with sweat 42

sweat for a run 75
Sense of the dream: excessive pride

to sweat 30
What does it mean: next disease

sweating fever 89
Meaning of the dream: restlessness and nervousness

badwinter 25

sweating a lot 32
Interpretation of the dream: firm resolutions

sweating fatigue 63
Translation: new responsibilities

cold January 80

conservatory for girls 20

race 52
Translation of the dream: good tidings

Jewish race 78
Interpretation: call for sacrifices

weld gold 4
Sense of the dream: sick passenger

weld with tin 11
What does it mean: success in society

sweaty person 16
Meaning of the dream: a lot of effort for a project

challenge to race 24
Description: inner conflicts

indulge in regret 29
Interpretation of the dream: unfounded fears

subscribe to theatrical performances 29
Translation: displeasure by joint

lose a bad habit 35
Dream description: rapid business

brutally kill a pig 50
Meaning: serious damage

grieve for a loss 27
Translation of the dream: solution of contrasts

trouble breathing 6
Interpretation: freedom from envy

Business offers 32
Sense of the dream: accuses dangerous

sinking of a ship 51
What does it mean: sorrows

make an affront with insults 13
Meaning of the dream: bad luck

lose a needle 28
Description: doubt

drinking alcohol 14
Interpretation of the dream: Sudden movement

use alcohol 6
Translation: deal unproductive

Arabic alphabet 6
Dream description: recognition of honest actions

putting on a show 24
Meaning: excessive impressionability

be seriously ill 22
Translation of the dream: acute powers of observation

moldy ceiling 38
Interpretation: dangerous illusions

a hook stranded 38
Sense of the dream: business trip

lose a hook 70
What does it mean: projects that fail

yet lost 81
Meaning of the dream: embarrassment in the family

go to the wedding 28
Description: waste of money

lost ring 19
Interpretation of the dream: discord in love

cavern of the Sibyl 33
Translation: requited love

arm yourself with sword 34
Dream description: slight indisposition