Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Plenty of meat. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: plenty of meat

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plenty of meat 31
Meaning of the dream: losses

plenty of fruit 2
Dream Interpretation: unfortunate speculation

plenty of grain 89
Meanings of dreams: accident

plenty of oil 2
Dream Interpretations: indecisions

plenty of wine 88
What does this mean: slander

plenty of bread 84
What does it mean: combination cheated

plenty of fish 17
Meaning of the dream: talk inconclusive

plenty of children 44
Dream Interpretation: minor glitches

plenty of money 20
Meanings of dreams: anger

plenty of work 21
Dream Interpretations: deceptions

plenty of letters 20
What does this mean: disputes

plenty of books 47
What does it mean: News coming soon

year of plenty 23
Meaning of the dream: sense of duty

plenty of water 49

plenty of planes 10

plenty of oranges 16

plenty of donkeys 42

plenty of cards 36

plenty of horses 26

plenty of competitors 2

plenty of credits 63

plenty of debts 10

plenty of grass 11

plenty of mushrooms 68

plenty of legumes 25

plenty of lemons 80

plenty of misery 18

plenty of eggs 23

meat 27
Meaning of the dream: joyfulness

bite meat 27
Dream Interpretation: happy omen

slicing meat 54
Meanings of dreams: ill omen

smoked meat 55
Dream Interpretations: pain avoided

brand meat 40
What does this mean: false dreams

boiled meat 12
What does it mean: small gain

basket with meat 27
Meaning of the dream: troubles at work

horse meat 57
Dream Interpretation: important and decisive period

pork meat 41
Meanings of dreams: advantageous purchases

poultry meat 42
Dream Interpretations: quarrels with relatives

rotten meat 48
What does this mean: poor health

hot meat 55
What does it mean: workable ideas

cold meat 9
Meaning of the dream: good personal contacts

frozen meat 24
Dream Interpretation: falsehood and deceit

salted meat 49
Meanings of dreams: ties secrets

meat preserved 5
Dream Interpretations: heavy commitments

cooked meat 52
What does this mean: unforeseen circumstances

cut meat 53
What does it mean: initiatives guess

cook meat 60
Meaning of the dream: lucrative contracts

buy meat 90
Dream Interpretation: economic prosperity

sell meat 32
Meanings of dreams: circumstances to be exploited

raw meat 31
Dream Interpretations: sadness and boredom

Slice of meat 49
What does this mean: protection from relatives

frying meat 80
What does it mean: malicious slander

meat jelly 23
Meaning of the dream: indiscretion of a friend

grill with meat 62
Dream Interpretation: fate uncertain

flour meat 39
Meanings of dreams: sorrows secrets

weigh meat 25
Dream Interpretations: favorable movements

pound meat 64
What does this mean: advantageous purchase

meat portion 15
What does it mean: confused

meat ravioli 18
Meaning of the dream: shock and disappointment

ration of meat 10
Dream Interpretation: misjudgements

meat cuts 12
Meanings of dreams: reason

pickled meat 82
Dream Interpretations: Understanding difficult

fill of meat 44
What does this mean: strong critical sense

spit with meat 3
What does it mean: secret desires

pan with meat 17
Meaning of the dream: efforts in work

mince meat 18
Dream Interpretation: loss and damage

Stake meat 43

hanging meat 23

butcher with meat 43

stigmatize meat 72

boiling meat 6

Shred meat 20

burning meat 9

Meat of ducks 57