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Prayers for healing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream prayers for healing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

say prayers 17
Meaning of the dream: health and happiness

morning prayers 62
Description: intense activity

evening prayers 17
Interpretation of the dream: reasonableness and prudence

teach prayers 51
Translation: position ensured

reciting prayers 6
Dream description: dream come true

contact prayers 57
Meaning: New appointments

wish for healing 77
Translation of the dream: confidence in the future

healing 72
Interpretation: entrusted to your strengths

cheer for healing 24
Sense of the dream: decrease of vitality

wound healing 88
What does it mean: services that will be paid with gratitude

healing influence 21
Meaning of the dream: good times

sick healing 10

shorter healing 31

dubious healing 8

long healing 78

healing water 34

Healing with Diet 72

prayer beads 52
Interpretation: efforts rewarded

prayer time 3
Sense of the dream: physical force

prayer 49
What does it mean: quiet soul and joy

accommodate a prayer 35
Meaning of the dream: fortune

reject a prayer 34
Description: misfortune

gather in prayer 16
Interpretation of the dream: lucky chance

Hail Mary prayer 6

Absolution for prayer 38

I believe prayer 76

jaculatory prayer 56
Translation of the dream: you need a spiritual approach