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Rejoice for a cure. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream rejoice for a cure. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

rejoice for a cure 12
Meaning of the dream: character rather irritable

rejoice for a promotion 84
Description: surprise economic

rejoice for a legacy 2
Interpretation of the dream: ambitious desires

repeat a cure 53
Translation: reduced activity

rejoice 6
Dream description: faithfulness in love

rejoice for a wedding 18
Meaning: enmity to win

rejoice at a birth 90
Translation of the dream: faithfulness in love

cure evil 15
Interpretation: imprudence and agitation

cure sciatica 18
Sense of the dream: reconciliation with relatives

cure abrasion 1
What does it mean: career advancement

cure 11
Meaning of the dream: help to be given

cheer for healing 24
Description: decrease of vitality

wish for healing 77
Interpretation of the dream: confidence in the future

dubious healing 8

long healing 78

shorter healing 31

cure colds 86
Translation of the dream: minor glitches

sick healing 10

healing water 34

Healing with Diet 72

a tertiary with the priest 52

healing influence 21
Description: good times

healing 72
Interpretation of the dream: entrusted to your strengths

sure recovery 70

treat scabies 63
Dream description: good health

treat varicose veins 34
Meaning: personal affirmation

joy to see a woman in labor 10
Translation of the dream: happiness in love or upcoming wedding

cure ears 28
Interpretation: confidences insincere

handled with care 18

sedan with priest 22

cure a failure 62
Meaning of the dream: business cheated

treatment of an illness 37

dressing with care 88
Interpretation of the dream: help to be given

priest wounded 10

surrender to joy 86
Dream description: false confidences

hat priest 3
Meaning: bad mood

disguise as a priest 59
Translation of the dream: distrust in the near

rational treatment 7
Interpretation: states of malaise

pretend priest 5

meet priest 25

drunk priest 22

imprison a priest 36

obey a priest 19
Interpretation of the dream: ideas to be clarified

blaspheme a priest 27

kiss of priest 65
Dream description: period of peace

absolved by the priest 27

cheer for love 5
Translation of the dream: artificiality in attitudes

trusting to the priest 90

medicate with patches 70

medicate with bandages 78

cheer for the welfare 49

priest who is set 67

cheer for good news 65
Interpretation of the dream: no waiting

joy for a baptism 35
Translation: presumption punished

joy for a win 90
Dream description: fleeting achievements

joy for a bargain 50
Meaning: resentments unjustified

joy for a wedding 21
Translation of the dream: false mirages in business

joy for lucky escape 36
Interpretation: ingratitude of children

joy for happy events 90

gloating joy for satisfaction 16
What does it mean: You encounter enemies

gloating with joy for the good of others 19
Meaning of the dream: soon you will be rewarded in your honest and goodness

burst with joy 68
Description: economic disadvantages

rejoiced 37

see joys 31
Translation: fortune

inherit joys 45
Dream description: crave a change in our lives