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Rejoice for a cure. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream rejoice for a cure. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

rejoice for a cure 12
Meaning of the dream: character rather irritable

rejoice 6
Description: faithfulness in love

rejoice at a birth 90
Interpretation of the dream: faithfulness in love

rejoice for a wedding 18
Translation: enmity to win

rejoice for a promotion 84
Dream description: surprise economic

rejoice for a legacy 2
Meaning: ambitious desires

cure 11
Translation of the dream: help to be given

cure abrasion 1
Interpretation: career advancement

cure evil 15
Sense of the dream: imprudence and agitation

cure a failure 62
What does it mean: business cheated

cure ears 28
Meaning of the dream: confidences insincere

cure colds 86
Description: minor glitches

repeat a cure 53
Interpretation of the dream: reduced activity

cure sciatica 18
Translation: reconciliation with relatives

abortion procured 17
Dream description: misfortune

idol re insecure 22
Meaning: shy

obscure origin 38
Translation of the dream: protection and aid

pedicure 2
Interpretation: confused mind

go to the pedicure 9
Sense of the dream: confused mind

be a pedicure 70
What does it mean: sense of justice

procure 11
Meaning of the dream: misfortune

procurement of boxes 5

procurement of tobacco 19

procurement of colleges 21

procurement of government 1

secure with bills 19

cured with medicines 5

cured of the disease 28

armed who rejoices 42

epicurean 70

rejoiced 37

curettage 7