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Party boy communion. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream party boy communion. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Communion party 14
Meaning of the dream: discovery of a secret of others

Catholic communion 60
Description: pleasant novelty

communion of soldiers 57
Interpretation of the dream: possibility of a trip

communion of men 80
Translation: agreement and peace in the family

communion of women 70
Dream description: unforeseen obstacles

communion of sisters 79
Meaning: Failure of a deal

Communion 6
Translation of the dream: security in business

cheering party 23
Interpretation: harmful excesses

Communion in church 35
Sense of the dream: skill and luck

masked party 9
What does it mean: crushes

communion of children 68
Meaning of the dream: friends you can trust

party 20
Description: yearn for fun

to take communion 12
Interpretation of the dream: favorable opportunities

Easter communion 88
Translation: excellent earnings

veil for communion 13
Dream description: personal success

start the party 77
Meaning: dangerous temptations

adhere to a party 18
Translation of the dream: vanity

plan a party 62
Interpretation: critically

party at church 37
Sense of the dream: succession next

crowded party 41
What does it mean: the problems will be overcome

enliven a party 71
Meaning of the dream: Excessive confidence

give up a party 22
Description: scrupulousness in work

organizing party 44
Interpretation of the dream: presumption exaggerated

military party 24
Translation: brilliant success

expelled from party 5
Dream description: new exciting ideas

family party 60
Meaning: status uncertain

ecclesiastical party 37
Translation of the dream: gained notoriety

attend a party 24
Interpretation: well directed actions

dancing at a party 2
Sense of the dream: profitable activities

walking boy 3
What does it mean: you are a curious person

organize a party 87
Meaning of the dream: emotional states

returning from a party 38
Description: violent emotions

Ambassador at a party 7
Interpretation of the dream: you are doing something wrong at work

action at a party 2
Translation: right introspection

private party 77
Dream description: lack of practicality

prepare for communion 21
Meaning: artistic sensitivity

boy with teacher 65
Translation of the dream: new phase of personal life

liven up a party 16
Interpretation: lucky in love

lady at a party 36
Sense of the dream: successes

boy who washes 6
What does it mean: You want to get rid of someone who oppresses you

form a party 21
Meaning of the dream: you are experiencing a period of little professional freedom

organize a carnival party 45
Description: emotional ties in danger

people in party 76
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant meeting

boy 33
Translation: joyfulness

20 - Smorfia classic: party 20

party sad 83
Meaning: tension in the family

boy crying 50
Translation of the dream: increasing business

join a party 13
Interpretation: favors required

Halloween party 35
Sense of the dream: period of instability

party in the country 75
What does it mean: spirit of adventure

party train 10
Meaning of the dream: action by trade

flowering place for party or recurrence 88
Description: incoming letter very useful for you

Queen of a party 74
Interpretation of the dream: physical exuberance