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Military uniform royal. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream military uniform royal. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

military uniform 63
Meaning of the dream: Decision and security

Royal Chapel 30
Description: personal charm

royal chariot 62
Interpretation of the dream: joys family

royal crown 42
Translation: activity on the rise

royal family 13
Dream description: Success in business

royal prince 58
Meaning: discover pleasant

royal palace 11
Translation of the dream: fluke

royal couple 18
Interpretation: immediate satisfaction

royal mantle 42
Sense of the dream: tenuous link

Royal decree 55
What does it mean: to overcome indecision

Royal residence 48
Meaning of the dream: fear of initiatives

royal throne 70
Description: tranquility and well-being

Royal Villa 20
Interpretation of the dream: good social relations

see Royal Palace 12
Translation: envy the wealth of someone

Royal highness 81
Dream description: unexpected obstacle

Royal embassy 72
Meaning: desire for something that does not have

royal banquet 80
Translation of the dream: surprises from relatives

Royal Standard 30
Interpretation: difficult relationships

royal funeral 66
Sense of the dream: opposition in the family


royal garden 33
What does it mean: love for comfort

royal coronation 58
Meaning of the dream: little happy news or even chance of suffering a burglary

royal bed 40
Description: change of situation

royal livery 40
Interpretation of the dream: you feel rejected by the female world

Royal alcove 57
Translation: promises to keep

royal procession 46
Dream description: cheerfulness

royal escort 6
Meaning: expenses to avoid

uniform 43
Translation of the dream: conclusion of business

new uniform 84
Interpretation: material well-being

to live in the Royal Palace 13
Sense of the dream: your economic situation will meet a lot

Royal coat of arms 41
What does it mean: contrasting situation

policeman in uniform 53
Meaning of the dream: conclusion of business

diplomat in uniform 61
Description: next trip

uniform driver 58
Interpretation of the dream: physical fitness

uniform waiter 36
Translation: malevolent judgments

wear a uniform 2
Dream description: unwarranted fear

uniform ordinance 49
Meaning: waiting impatiently

uniform soldier 12
Translation of the dream: good social skills

uniform official 64
Interpretation: advantageous opportunities

uniform collegial 39
Sense of the dream: important business

uniform of porter 25
What does it mean: wise prudence

uniform daily 66
Meaning of the dream: serene work

gala uniform 68
Description: trust and security

elegant uniform 5
Interpretation of the dream: eventful life

uniform route 81
Translation: to take responsibility

uniform dirty 88
Dream description: secret relationship

man in uniform 67
Meaning: pleasant novelty

dress uniform 80
Translation of the dream: new opportunities

coachman in uniform 29
Interpretation: new facts

airman in uniform 28
Sense of the dream: visit sudden or unexpected news, not pleasant