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Military uniform. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream military uniform. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

military uniform 63
Meaning of the dream: Decision and security

new uniform 84
Description: material well-being

policeman in uniform 53
Interpretation of the dream: conclusion of business

airman in uniform 28
Translation: visit sudden or unexpected news, not pleasant

Emperor in uniform 6
Dream description: bond of friendship alive and new

uniform 43
Meaning: conclusion of business

diplomat in uniform 61
Translation of the dream: next trip

men in uniform 69
Interpretation: fears will overcome

Grand Duke in uniform 40
Sense of the dream: income small but safe

buttoning his uniform 14
What does it mean: tough business

coachman in uniform 29
Meaning of the dream: new facts

uniform waiter 36
Description: malevolent judgments

uniform dirty 88
Interpretation of the dream: secret relationship

dress uniform 80
Translation: new opportunities

uniform of porter 25
Dream description: wise prudence

man in uniform 67
Meaning: pleasant novelty

admiral in full uniform 15
Translation of the dream: lightheartedness

uniform ordinance 49
Interpretation: waiting impatiently

wear a uniform 2
Sense of the dream: unwarranted fear

uniform official 64
What does it mean: advantageous opportunities

cuirassier in full uniform 50
Meaning of the dream: strong personality

uniform soldier 12
Description: good social skills

uniform driver 58
Interpretation of the dream: physical fitness

colonel in full uniform 7
Translation: benefits from work

uniform collegial 39
Dream description: important business

uniform daily 66
Meaning: serene work

uniform route 81
Translation of the dream: to take responsibility

gala uniform 68
Interpretation: trust and security

Uniform button 14
Sense of the dream: tries to be wider views

pilot of an aircraft in flight uniform 41
What does it mean: many dreams that will come true

military leg 12
Meaning of the dream: the wealth that you have to have deserved

elegant uniform 5
Description: eventful life

buy uniforms 55
Interpretation of the dream: ambition fulfilled

Military Prison 89
Translation: deceptions hidden

military honor 50
Dream description: sacrifices to bear

military discharge 12
Meaning: worries and thoughts

military review 26
Translation of the dream: positive ideas

military procedure 10
Interpretation: Successful slow

military 12
Sense of the dream: fatigue, servitude, protection

military discipline 38
What does it mean: self confidence

military consensus 39
Meaning of the dream: introverted nature

military son 15
Description: feelings uncertain

military hat 82
Interpretation of the dream: great satisfaction

military border 2
Translation: excessive dynamism

military career 15
Dream description: new facts unfavorable

military unit 6
Meaning: intimate satisfactions

military order 4
Translation of the dream: novelty from a letter

trench military 69
Interpretation: bright future

military dispatch 77
Sense of the dream: bad business

military pavilion 25
What does it mean: pleasure, happiness

military knight 76
Meaning of the dream: harmful interference of third parties

military commission 76
Description: excellent health

military chaplain 88
Interpretation of the dream: sorry for treason

district military 56
Translation: conquest of privileges