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Uniform waiter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream uniform waiter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

uniform waiter 36
Meaning of the dream: malevolent judgments

uniform 43
Description: conclusion of business

new uniform 84
Interpretation of the dream: material well-being

uniform dirty 88
Translation: secret relationship

buttoning his uniform 14
Dream description: tough business

uniform of porter 25
Meaning: wise prudence

uniform soldier 12
Translation of the dream: good social skills

men in uniform 69
Interpretation: fears will overcome

uniform daily 66
Sense of the dream: serene work

uniform collegial 39
What does it mean: important business

uniform ordinance 49
Meaning of the dream: waiting impatiently

dress uniform 80
Description: new opportunities

gala uniform 68
Interpretation of the dream: trust and security

uniform official 64
Translation: advantageous opportunities

military uniform 63
Dream description: Decision and security

wear a uniform 2
Meaning: unwarranted fear

uniform route 81
Translation of the dream: to take responsibility

policeman in uniform 53
Interpretation: conclusion of business

airman in uniform 28
Sense of the dream: visit sudden or unexpected news, not pleasant

uniform driver 58
What does it mean: physical fitness

Emperor in uniform 6
Meaning of the dream: bond of friendship alive and new

admiral in full uniform 15
Description: lightheartedness

man in uniform 67
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant novelty

diplomat in uniform 61
Translation: next trip

Grand Duke in uniform 40
Dream description: income small but safe

hire a waiter 3
Meaning: contrasts with the children

colonel in full uniform 7
Translation of the dream: benefits from work

Uniform button 14
Interpretation: tries to be wider views

coachman in uniform 29
Sense of the dream: new facts

pilot of an aircraft in flight uniform 41
What does it mean: many dreams that will come true

elegant uniform 5
Meaning of the dream: eventful life

cuirassier in full uniform 50
Description: strong personality

liveried waiter 34
Interpretation of the dream: accuses dangerous

unemployed waiter 39
Translation: desire for independence

wear uniforms 35
Dream description: profits and awards

waiter 61
Meaning: service of dishonest people

waiter of local public 54
Translation of the dream: malignancy verbal

waiter hotel 40
Interpretation: happy omen

lay off a waiter 72
Sense of the dream: projects, hazy

buy uniforms 55
What does it mean: ambition fulfilled

waiter to private home 19
Meaning of the dream: isolation from family

restaurant waiter 30
Description: unfounded fears

divided collegial 34
Interpretation of the dream: joy as a conquest

divided old 75
Translation: teachings for the future

line divided 68
Dream description: quarrels and disputes

uniformed policeman 74
Meaning: Company bold

fight between waiters 11
Translation of the dream: egocentrism exaggerated

do the bartender 37
Interpretation: change of position

bartender at the bar 84
Sense of the dream: need to have a confidant

bartender who serves 35
What does it mean: Understanding difficult

altercation between bartenders 27
Meaning of the dream: proposals devious

ancient livery 17
Description: contrasts intimate