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Gypsy followers. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream gypsy Followers. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

correspondence with followers 67
Meaning of the dream: danger of infection

gypsy 64
Description: you are very changeable character

gypsy caravan 73
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary quarrels

Gypsy camp 90
Translation: end of discord

gypsy orchestra 30
Dream description: new points of view

bivouac of gypsies 34
Meaning: rivalry in love

see a gypsy play 55
Translation of the dream: sentimental adventure

gypsies who steal 86
Interpretation: beware of fake friends

tribe of gypsies 72
Sense of the dream: circumstances of fortune

follow 31
What does it mean: improvements to be made

band of gypsies 26
Meaning of the dream: sick passenger

newspaper subscriptions 30
Description: economic profits

audience 36
Interpretation of the dream: donation from a woman

successions 59
Translation: death of a friend or a brother

low audience 47
Dream description: forebodings fallacious

high audience 18
Meaning: wealth

private audience 16
Translation of the dream: meeting dates

audience of a theater 70
Interpretation: false mirages

audience of a cinema 50
Sense of the dream: apprehension for business

follow a thief 88
What does it mean: lack of confidence

follow advice 59
Meaning of the dream: deep feelings

follow the trail 80
Description: exaggerated enthusiasm

follow the footprint 20
Interpretation of the dream: limited needs

follow on foot 20
Translation: projects to be completed

follow cycling 15
Dream description: calm and self-control

follow the line 63
Meaning: consistency

follow a woman 56
Translation of the dream: excessive claims

followed by car 56
Interpretation: business combination

blaspheming be followed 60
Sense of the dream: You find things of value

follow the fashion 88
What does it mean: lack of practicality

gunman chased 9
Meaning of the dream: improvements to be made

being chased by a bison 80
Description: knowledge of important people

pickpocket chased 16
Interpretation of the dream: serious concerns

follower 66
Translation: improvement

animals being chased 2
Dream description: insults by enemies

chasing a boar 56
Meaning: New Adventures

subscription 56
Translation of the dream: patience

execute a command 67
Interpretation: discretion and prudence

smuggler chased 35
Sense of the dream: hasty decisions

give audience 46
What does it mean: career advancement

avoid a conclusion 39
Meaning of the dream: imprudence in speaking

attain 28
Description: honors

do something 27
Interpretation of the dream: gain

ghost chasing 17
Translation: losses and damages

chase 68
Dream description: improvements to be made

chase enemies 74
Meaning: uncertain situation

chasing thieves 12
Translation of the dream: important decisions to make

chase animals 44
Interpretation: alarm unfounded

car chase 89
Sense of the dream: backlash

chase the hare 18
What does it mean: Danger averted

being persecuted by large 6
Meaning of the dream: honor, dignity

waving crowd 73
Description: affable character

execute orders 55
Interpretation of the dream: great concern

Pope in audience 21
Translation: appreciation flattering

persecute 74
Dream description: honor, dignity

persecute a man 41
Meaning: sudden obstacle

persecute a woman 88
Translation of the dream: tenacious enmities

persecute an enemy 64
Interpretation: secret protections

audience full 11
Sense of the dream: important news

being persecuted by bear 40
What does it mean: unexpected things will happen

renew a subscription 44
Meaning of the dream: fixed ideas