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Expected guest. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream expected guest. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

expected guest 85
Meaning of the dream: lively intelligence

known guest 48
Description: predicament

guest 29
Interpretation of the dream: happiness at home

welcome guest 83
Translation: sacrifices to be made

unwelcome guest 15
Dream description: sympathy and agreement

unknown guest 36
Meaning: significant personal benefits

unexpected guest 90
Translation of the dream: new post

expected news 2
Interpretation: coherence between thought and action

Expected arrival 19
Sense of the dream: talk about you

guest who knocks at the door 80
What does it mean: moderate temperament

waited 34
Meaning of the dream: humanitarianism

be invited to eat mussels 6
Description: presence of someone who has bad opinions about you

intended 19
Interpretation of the dream: material well-being

hospitality 25
Translation: visits from afar

case provided 90
Dream description: evidence of common sense

dignitary 3
Meaning: harbinger of doom

expectation pick 87
Translation of the dream: you are arrogant

false hope 46
Interpretation: next working victories

expecting a child 5
Sense of the dream: passing clouds

invite 2
What does it mean: unnecessary worries

tremulous earthquake 32
Meaning of the dream: aggressive reactions

guesthouse 62
Description: benevolence won

receive a visitor 17
Interpretation of the dream: hasty decisions

Wedding invite 17
Translation: to avoid rumors

birthday invite 65
Dream description: in reality no cure your person

invite to play 63
Meaning: public vilification

invite to walking 52
Translation of the dream: heavy thoughts

invite home 50
Interpretation: sequence of events

invite to breakfast 3
Sense of the dream: disappointment and sadness

invite to dance 37
What does it mean: fatal encounter

invite a relative 86
Meaning of the dream: character grumpy

invite to lunch 30
Description: unnecessary worries

invite to dinner 80
Interpretation of the dream: distrust in the near

invite in restaurant 77
Translation: poor physical endurance

invite to the theater 67
Dream description: prosperity and well-being

invite to coffee 42
Meaning: initiative

invite to the movies 78
Translation of the dream: successful efforts

shorten life 26
Interpretation: new energy

shelve hopes 12
Sense of the dream: economic security

accept an invitation 55
What does it mean: disappointments

wait in an airport arrival 42
Meaning of the dream: safety in the future

freeing equity christening 30
Description: money returned

frank wedding invitations 31
Interpretation of the dream: injustice

joy for a baptism 35
Translation: presumption punished

kill despair 77
Dream description: new openings in business

announcement of baptism 4
Meaning: discouragement exaggerated

unexpected announcement 86
Translation of the dream: demonstration of good faith

to wait in the hall 32
Interpretation: quarrels

unexpected arrival 15
Sense of the dream: love letter

baby baptism 5
What does it mean: donation from elderly person

baptism 1
Meaning of the dream: renewal and a fresh start

baptism of a child 16
Description: rise in labor

baptism of an adult 7
Interpretation of the dream: respect for tradition

baptism of a son 9
Translation: efforts to support