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Dog bites suit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dog bites suit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dog bites 52
Meaning of the dream: broken promises

old suit 71
Description: seriousness of purpose

ruining a suit 65
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary fears

beast that bites 36
Translation: betrayal of friends

buy a suit 11
Dream description: specific ideas

splash suit 2
Meaning: indiscretion of a friend

Licking dog 7
Translation of the dream: favors from man

wool suit 50
Interpretation: new responsibilities

delivering a suit 6
Sense of the dream: interesting novelty

asbestos suit 40
What does it mean: sweeping changes

dog abandonment 20
Meaning of the dream: economic improvements

wet suit 10
Description: benefits

camouflage suit 42
Interpretation of the dream: Period of nervousness

diver putting the suit 2
Translation: embarrassing situation

animal bites 21
Dream description: betrayal male

hunting dog 6
Meaning: ideas to be clarified

tail dog 9
Translation of the dream: need a lot of patience

dog muzzle 48
Interpretation: reconciliation with a joint

dog drowned 15
Sense of the dream: increased work

angry dog 49
What does it mean: nervousness and impulsiveness

dog poisoned 85
Meaning of the dream: misunderstandings with your loved one

sick dog 40
Description: incomprehension of relatives

black dress 73
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows

injured dog 51
Translation: need for diplomacy

stolen dog 41
Dream description: accounts to be redone

drinking dog 68
Meaning: you need support

dog found 52
Translation of the dream: jealousy avoided

dog with the bone 84
Interpretation: friendship poorly paid

terno win 77
Sense of the dream: harbinger of doom

dog 6
What does it mean: do not forget your friends

dog haystack 67
Meaning of the dream: peaceful relations

their dog barking 5
Description: help from someone close

terno lose 56
Interpretation of the dream: It will benefit and satisfaction from the hard work and good will

hound biting 46
Translation: broken promises

dog ear 68
Dream description: certain benefit

dog for the blind 42
Meaning: vivacity of spirit

burr angry dog 76
Translation of the dream: deception discovered with surprise

paw dog or cat 9
Interpretation: thoughts to our friends

scratching dog 36
Sense of the dream: ardor and exuberance

a dog barking unknown 70
What does it mean: threat of danger

stray dog 50
Meaning of the dream: lucrative job

call the dog 69
Description: important relationships

dog shit 8
Interpretation of the dream: consistency in the actions

dog's tooth 58
Translation: serenity and optimism

white dog 23
Dream description: promising start

Red Dog 27
Meaning: conclusion of business

dog ran away 22
Translation of the dream: Peace and serenity

ration dog 4
Interpretation: discord with friends

dog sleeping 32
Sense of the dream: programs to be reviewed

blind dog 8
What does it mean: interesting news

viper bites 9
Meaning of the dream: prudence in speech

take a dog 30
Description: professional concerns

dog roses 68
Interpretation of the dream: possibility of a trip

barking dog 36
Translation: small delays