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Lightning rod on the steeple. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lightning rod on the steeple. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lightning rod on the steeple 54
Meaning of the dream: contrasting situation

lightning rod 37
Description: malicious accusations

lightning rod on the roof of a house 64
Interpretation of the dream: malicious accusations

height of a steeple 80
Translation: tenacious rancor

church steeple 63
Dream description: lack of commitment

lightning 7
Meaning: pride, ostentation

lightning falling 25
Translation of the dream: Fortunately stable

lightning, strikes 62
Interpretation: great satisfaction

Lightning over church 44
Sense of the dream: reckless actions

thunder and lightning 54
What does it mean: unforeseen procure bitter disappointments

thunder without lightning 16
Meaning of the dream: a person tries in secret to harm

lightning bursts 80

Lightning kills 56

lightning that strikes 40

lightning that destroys 24

see lightning fall without striking 1
Meaning: exile or escape of the dreamer, especially if he occupies a rank or use considerable

rod 1
Translation of the dream: persecution of enemies

lightning falls on his own head or home 1
Interpretation: loss of property, injuries

dowsing rod 33
Sense of the dream: discovery of a lost object

iron rod 87
What does it mean: disputes


bring a rod 48
Meaning of the dream: safety

fisherman with rod 30
Description: enthusiasm for a proposal

beatings with a rod 10
Interpretation of the dream: you will have troubles

perch rod 22
Translation: awaits a long process

silver rod 10
Dream description: drastic solution

rod steel 47
Meaning: fortitude

rod of wood 40
Translation of the dream: gains and important friendships

the dowsing rod 9
Interpretation: agitated thoughts

rod pendulum 74
Sense of the dream: good practical sense

whipped with a rod 86
What does it mean: unpleasant gossip of friends

be flogged with a rod 24
Meaning of the dream: heavy responsibility

piston rod 15

produce documents 2
Interpretation of the dream: next gains

introducing contraband merchandise 60
Translation: you have to limit yourself to more

Featured products 66
Dream description: to overcome prejudices

reproduction of a pagoda 81
Meaning: dangerous adventures

sin for lightness 89
Translation of the dream: dangerous road

to introduce 82
Interpretation: displeasure by joint

prodigy 79
Sense of the dream: great recognition and benefits

attend a prodigy 51
What does it mean: great recognition and benefits

product 90
Meaning of the dream: enemy eliminated

colonial product 56
Description: enemy eliminated

foreign product 13
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous business

agricultural product 3
Translation: goodness of mind

product of the subsoil 40
Dream description: meetings irritants