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Blind dog. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream blind dog. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

blind dog 8
Meaning of the dream: interesting news

blind man with the dog 30

dog 6
Interpretation of the dream: do not forget your friends

blind playing 17
Translation: new relationships

white dog 23
Dream description: promising start

stray dog 50
Meaning: lucrative job

dog sleeping 32
Translation of the dream: programs to be reviewed

quiet dog 15
Interpretation: you are near someone who protects you

healthy dog 17
Sense of the dream: affection won

poor blind 52
What does it mean: errors impatience

dog for the blind 42
Meaning of the dream: vivacity of spirit

blind 40
Description: foresight in business and in life, auspicious

blind father 24
Interpretation of the dream: disillusionment of love

chained dog 62
Translation: unpleasant surprises

police dog 40
Dream description: enterprising temperament

sick dog 40
Meaning: incomprehension of relatives

angry dog 49
Translation of the dream: nervousness and impulsiveness

black Dog 13
Interpretation: betrayal of friends

the man born blind 50
Sense of the dream: heavy duty

pretending to be blind 41
What does it mean: opposition in family

big dog 12
Meaning of the dream: love relationships

dog catcher who does not take the dog 16
Description: amorous adventures

dog ran away 22

dog eating 61
Translation: Useful corrections

going blind 16
Dream description: rivalries and enmities

dog poisoned 85
Meaning: misunderstandings with your loved one

blind man begging 49

barking dog 36
Interpretation: small delays

Maremma dog 8
Sense of the dream: you need affection

Blind dancing 77

a dog with mange 40
Meaning of the dream: at advantageous

accompanied blind 31
Description: steadfastness of purpose

cerberus (dog) 65
Interpretation of the dream: the punishment for the culprits

dog in freedom 72
Translation: visits and further meetings

distemper dog 76

sheep dog 60
Meaning: requited love

blind falling 16
Translation of the dream: danger of leakage

burr angry dog 76

blind war 64
Sense of the dream: referrals of decisions

dog catcher who takes a dog 23
What does it mean: limited freedom

dog with the bone 84
Meaning of the dream: friendship poorly paid

blind man with a stick 65

Red Dog 27
Interpretation of the dream: conclusion of business

blind man 13
Translation: inner restlessness

dog drowned 15
Dream description: increased work

injured dog 51
Meaning: need for diplomacy

stolen dog 41

pity from blind 14

scratching dog 36

Licking dog 7

blind beggar 21
Meaning of the dream: fake friends

lost dog 41
Description: need for serenity

small dog 21
Interpretation of the dream: financial worries

labrador dog 22
Translation: you should check out more your instincts

dog ear 68
Dream description: certain benefit

dalmatian dog 49
Meaning: you are a loyal person

dog found 52
Translation of the dream: jealousy avoided

embrace a blind 54
Interpretation: disillusion

drinking dog 68
Sense of the dream: you need support

blind man sings 34

ration dog 4
Meaning of the dream: discord with friends