Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

embrace a blind

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: embrace a blind

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54 embrace a blind

67 embrace an old

40 embrace
need for affection

40 blind
foresight in business and in life, auspicious

16 going blind
rivalries and enmities

40 embrace a woman

47 embrace children
next novelty

50 embrace lover

4 embrace parents

5 embrace the children
news reserved

13 embrace a sick
Deception by friends

66 embrace an artist
successful business

81 embrace a creditor

53 embrace a debtor

21 blind beggar
fake friends

20 blind person
mourning relatives

12 blind birds
unwelcome news

74 blind animals
extra gain

50 embrace friendly
unnecessary waivers

78 fraternal embrace
amorous deceptions

10 loving embrace
friendships harmful

19 embrace reprehensible
false oaths

89 embrace friends

42 dog for the blind
vivacity of spirit

64 blind war
referrals of decisions

31 accompanied blind
steadfastness of purpose

8 blind dog
interesting news

17 blind playing
new relationships

16 blind falling
danger of leakage

41 pretending to be blind
opposition in family

65 embrace one dead
health hazard

31 blind eyes
insincerity harmful

38 embrace the father
intentions essays

24 blind father
disillusionment of love

60 embrace a relative
ideas shot down

52 poor blind
errors impatience

79 embrace relatives

33 re-embrace a friend
disorderly actions

9 taunt blind
illusions of love

82 lower the blind
enterprise that fails

61 blind obedience
feelings to be overcome

13 blind man
inner restlessness

4 embrace the virgin
good luck

41 embrace the enemy
fear vanished;

35 embrace animal

9 mock a blind

9 mock a blind man
tries to be more realistic

50 the man born blind
heavy duty

9 embrace between husband and wife

8 cartridge case from blind

43 blind man who asks for alms
need for caution

19 embracing a drunk
material loss

74 squabbling about women
good news

18 blinded by passion
changes of opinion

40 mind blinded

55 blinding himself
unjustified fears

60 wrangle with siblings
confidence in young people

73 embraced lovers
disillusionment in love

11 gambling house
infidelity of friends or partners

10 keep a gambling den
unnecessary quarrels

25 attend the gambling den
evil inclination

14 squabbling children
avoid dangerous situations

20 grumbling with children
trust in others

43 close the blinds

14 tooth trembling
uncertain situation

23 blindness
illness and misfortune

1 attend gambling dens
weakness of character

27 stumbling in the street
decisions to postpone

62 stumbling on the stairs
unmet expectations

60 arguing with siblings
danger of some accident

76 children that embraces you
poor health of the child who will be born

22 gambling with the enemy
six ahead of him advantage over you

18 trembling hands
selfish concerns

10 stumbling block
things in your life that you have to overcome

17 be blindside from something
you rid of your troubles