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Diverted. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream diverted. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

diverted 48

intoxicated 30
Description: modest gains

match won 19

hijacked plane 17

intoxicated with wine 80
Dream description: modest gains

intoxicated with liquor 23
Meaning: general changes to be made

children disturbed in their games 36
Translation of the dream: It will be treated harshly

intoxicated with brandy 59

getting drunk with wine 80
Sense of the dream: illusory hopes

turn brazier 68
What does it mean: need advice

They are taken out of school 2
Meaning of the dream: inner conflicts

turn pockets 84
Description: small fortune

Turn carriage 62

convertible overturned 23
Translation: next misery

chameleon transformation 25
Dream description: feelings not established

turn road 40

turn a coat 15
Translation of the dream: difficult relationships

convert to God 90
Interpretation: surprise

turn warmer 80
Sense of the dream: good emotional relationships

convert titles 16
What does it mean: business to be concluded

light reflector 43
Meaning of the dream: profitable activities

turn the street 77

convert a sinner 38
Interpretation of the dream: discipline in work

turn a dress 32
Translation: confidentiality and prudence

turn the omelette 25
Dream description: mild illness

turn your eyes 88
Meaning: dangerous inner insecurity

travel in convertible 31
Translation of the dream: good luck

Money remittance 64
Interpretation: economic insecurity

convert to the good 15
Sense of the dream: wise prudence

sinner who is converted 43

turn a money to other 45
Meaning of the dream: emotional hardships

turn tear on your face 40
Description: looking for love

fury in revenge 40
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness

accept splitting firewood 88
Translation: contrasts

delirious with fever 48
Dream description: betrayal of woman

delirious love 16
Meaning: new openings in the labor

to divide 29
Translation of the dream: Good news, in a successful project

fury 44
Interpretation: bad omen, libel, slander, quarrels

flies 26
Sense of the dream: Jealousy and insecurity

buying craze 4
What does it mean: change the way we live

remittance with carriages 22
Meaning of the dream: overcoming difficulties

pay attention 61
Description: lively discussions

drunkenness 19
Interpretation of the dream: an action done without deliberation may cause resentment of a fellow worker

splitting a table 19
Translation: uncertain job

disgusting drunkenness 28
Dream description: domestic, action that will dishonor

fury of the people 54

intoxicate 58

intelligence 17

infatuated young 39

embezzlement 90