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Focus on a problem. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream focus on a problem. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

focus on a problem 14
Meaning of the dream: inconsistency in work

wrong problem 51
Description: commitments to maintain

dissolve a problem 52
Interpretation of the dream: inconstancy in friendship

solve a problem 18
Translation: initiative and momentum

Math Problem 13
Dream description: financial worries

problem solved 24
Meaning: moves unexpectedly

problem of another kind 42
Translation of the dream: confusion and indecision

unsolved problem 39
Interpretation: stormy love life

key to the problem 5
Sense of the dream: good luck

problem 2
What does it mean: distrust of the next

result of a problem 34
Meaning of the dream: inner serenity

thorny problem 22
Description: personal success

problem to be solved 4
Interpretation of the dream: experience useful and decisive

person heart problem 22
Translation: next embarrassing situations

concentrate on their studies 30
Dream description: adaptation to the environment

focus on black at roulette 21
Meaning: nice offers of friendship

concentrate 48
Translation of the dream: adaptation to the environment

pass a trouble 17
Interpretation: valuable advice

get rid of a trouble 86
Sense of the dream: fitness

concentrating men 65
What does it mean: serenity of spirit

focus tanker 85
Meaning of the dream: you're isolating yourself from others

arsenal focus 8
Description: discord and gossip

note a protuberance 73
Interpretation of the dream: someone is oppressing

notice the alt 3
Translation: decreased energy

focus window 45
Dream description: chatter

attention to their own health 4
Meaning: excellent recovery

pay attention 61
Translation of the dream: lively discussions

compressor attention 19
Interpretation: at high speed

try on a coat 46
Sense of the dream: sudden change

take into consideration 62
What does it mean: threads interest

ladybug on a flower 6
Meaning of the dream: Positive loving events

stepping on a ladybug 74
Description: difficulties and problems

turning on a plane 78
Interpretation of the dream: sudden discovery

tripping over a stone 13
Translation: mistakes are not repeated

get on a tree 81
Dream description: faltering health

lean on a ravine 4
Meaning: rebellion of the beloved

get on a carriage 81
Translation of the dream: success of opponents

seeing an octopus on 16
Interpretation: serious concerns

sleeping on a float 71
Sense of the dream: good luck

get on a seaplane 49
What does it mean: conquest flattering

get on a plateau 9
Meaning of the dream: unexpected help

be on a ship 72
Description: lucky business

bet on a horse 10
Interpretation of the dream: clairvoyance and lucidity

Note the laundry 85
Translation: objectivity of judgment

sleep on a cot 72
Dream description: possessions

stand on a ledge 67
Meaning: projects that are realized

stand on a wall 67
Translation of the dream: financial backers

climb on a rock 16
Interpretation: careful with money

lizard on a wall 40
Sense of the dream: benevolence of the elderly

get on a window 31
What does it mean: distress and disgust

be on a wreck 19
Meaning of the dream: you will be involved in an unfortunate