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Aside problems. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream aside problems. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

aside problems 8
Meaning of the dream: distrust of the next

aside reserves 30
Description: welcome gift

suffer for troubles 47
Interpretation of the dream: serenity of spirit

shelve projects 20
Translation: dangerous temptations

obtaining trouble 42
Dream description: willpower

having back trouble 76
Meaning: health concerns

shelve 16
Translation of the dream: sadness not justified by events, pessimism

shelve work 85
Interpretation: achievements difficult

remove or push aside 19
Sense of the dream: you will be persecuted

extricate herself out of trouble 48
What does it mean: payout within a short time

side swollen 77
Meaning of the dream: wealth for the wife or the husband

set aside money 51
Description: broken promises

side of the carriage 82
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant events

result of a problem 34
Translation: inner serenity

human side 28
Dream description: new possibilities in work

step aside 22
Meaning: you can not be yourself with some people

take the side of someone 11
Translation of the dream: fear and distrust

rainbow on the side of the sunset 5
Interpretation: happy omen only for the rich

leaving the car 18
Sense of the dream: financial loss

leaving for the holidays 80
What does it mean: ambitious desires

shelve hopes 12
Meaning of the dream: economic security

neighbor across 23
Description: peaceful life

problem to be solved 4
Interpretation of the dream: experience useful and decisive

potato side dish 27
Translation: serenity of spirit

extend the hand 5
Dream description: need for prudence in action

Conversely friar 32
Meaning: narrowly

hand abutment 55
Translation of the dream: prejudices

injury to a hand 5
Interpretation: actions inconclusive

flip side of the coin 39
Sense of the dream: strange friendships

rainbow be next 22
What does it mean: change of location, or benevolent aid will INDEPENDENT from people who can help

bald on the right side 77
Meaning of the dream: removal of a friend

take part 9
Description: money returned

take part in the carnival 33
Interpretation of the dream: pitfalls to overcome

banish woes 54
Translation: you have obligations that you dislike

abdicate 10
Dream description: waiver

dropping glasses 48
Meaning: fake friends

defrost 33
Translation of the dream: sincerity of purpose

concert at the Conservatory 7
Interpretation: disease

pass a trouble 17
Sense of the dream: valuable advice

conservatory for girls 20
What does it mean: You lose a deal

rainbow toward the sunrise 11
Meaning of the dream: agi wealth, restoring healthy

rip off announcements 41
Description: vivid pain

Defrost the refrigerator 80
Interpretation of the dream: practical mind

rip off your teeth 26
Translation: collapse of your security

cash share 72
Dream description: Critical to Avoid

key to the problem 5
Meaning: good luck

wrong problem 51
Translation of the dream: commitments to maintain

defrost the windshield 34
Interpretation: sincerity of purpose

unsolved problem 39
Sense of the dream: stormy love life