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Chimney. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream chimney. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

chimney 13
Meaning of the dream: situation oscillating

chimney that collapses 27
Description: gain that fades

chimney on the roof 42
Interpretation of the dream: friendships helpful

chimney of a ship 48
Translation: new horizons

factory chimney 70
Dream description: unexpected gains

burning chimney 8
Meaning: concerns for the future

collapsing chimney 86
Translation of the dream: incomprehension and misunderstandings

chimney sweep on the chimney 38
Interpretation: novelties like

clog a chimney 65
Sense of the dream: Rise countered

chimney hood 15
What does it mean: possibility of new jobs

with charcoal chimney 80
Meaning of the dream: Lawsuit family, the distance from which will be born of a relative loss, grief

Epiphany entering the chimney 78
Description: love for the analysis

Epiphany coming out of the chimney 10
Interpretation of the dream: dynamism exaggerated

clean the chimney 37
Translation: need for adaptation

see smoke coming from the chimney 28
Dream description: marriage in sight

fireplace that smokes 18
Meaning: high honors deserved

dirty chimney hood 74
Translation of the dream: big gains

see clean the chimney 24
Interpretation: joys coming

smokestack steam 80
Sense of the dream: favorable results

young chimney sweep 16
What does it mean: secret betrayed

old chimney sweep 40
Meaning of the dream: wise intentions

fireplace andirons 2
Description: passion diminished

chimney sweep greeting 11
Interpretation of the dream: strong impressionability

inner tube 88
Translation: great satisfaction

drainpipe 45
Dream description: excellent professional activity

lamp on the fireplace 1
Meaning: new emotional ties

lamp tube 22
Translation of the dream: difficult life, little money

iron pipe 80
Interpretation: ideas and constructive

drinking fountain 51
Sense of the dream: Good news

broken pipe 53
What does it mean: danger of scams

light the pipe 37
Meaning of the dream: great inner satisfaction

sub with the tube 1
Description: good news at work

stove pipe 44
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant changes

water pipe 36
Translation: new friends

tube 6
Dream description: falsehood

antique fireplace 86
Meaning: artificial attitudes

rubber tube 63
Translation of the dream: fertile imagination

glass tube 81
Interpretation: travel and trips

lead pipe 61
Sense of the dream: enmities to talk

street chimney sweep 25
What does it mean: aid determinants

fireplace burned 83
Meaning of the dream: Reduced physical endurance

fireplace switched off 55
Description: inconstancy affections

fireplace or hearth 59
Interpretation of the dream: joy and serenity

porcelain pipe 71
Translation: business cheated

fireplace copper 88
Dream description: to overcome prejudices

fireplace Roman 2
Meaning: Escape from reality

call the chimney sweep 88
Translation of the dream: new achievements

marble fireplace 5
Interpretation: hopes failed

brick fireplace 55
Sense of the dream: contrasts with the family to avoid

see the chimney sweep 29
What does it mean: excessive dynamism

light the fireplace 43
Meaning of the dream: inventive spirit

fireplace with fire 8
Description: extra earnings

fire in the fireplace 5
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy

cook in the fireplace 84
Translation: healthy aspirations to conquer

fireplace with fender 6
Dream description: narrow escape

fireplace with boiler 38
Meaning: complications and losses

fireplace with firewood 3
Translation of the dream: increase vitality