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Businessman widower. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream businessman widower. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

widower 19
Meaning of the dream: ability to be free and independent

widower sad 2
Description: confused and pessimism

widower at cemetery 20
Interpretation of the dream: commitments to be

bag businessman 25
Translation: fights with siblings

widower with children 38
Dream description: possibility of losses

be a widower 34
Meaning: sadness passing

marry a widower 74
Translation of the dream: concerns for the future

remarry with widower 14
Interpretation: challenges to overcome

be fooled by a businessman 66
Sense of the dream: fight with enemies

business man 16
What does it mean: serene emotional life

businessman who convinces 35
Meaning of the dream: indecision

deal with a businessman 71
Description: next ailments

business owner 45
Interpretation of the dream: you made some major mistake

sick impresario 28
Translation: voltage in the working environment

impresario failed 43
Dream description: good selfesteem

impresario who writes 36
Meaning: good relations

businessman 8
Translation of the dream: serene emotional life

be hotelier 50
Interpretation: new openings in negotiations

business 8
Sense of the dream: windfall

new business 43
What does it mean: uncertainty

Horse Trader 8
Meaning of the dream: watched by the deceit and scams

domestic affairs 34
Description: concerns and backbiting

legal Affairs 27
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels inevitable

Commercial Affairs 65
Translation: dangerous decisions

crazy business 78
Dream description: waste of money

business letter 62
Meaning: lack of reflection

ruffling business 54
Translation of the dream: new horizons

neglecting affairs 34
Interpretation: lack of reflection

Ecclesiastical Affairs 25
Sense of the dream: loss of money

Business Desk 16
What does it mean: heavy duty

written business 74
Meaning of the dream: intimate joy

foreign business 36
Description: melancholies

agency business 36
Interpretation of the dream: triumph over enemies

go out of business 8
Translation: contrariness

talk business 9
Dream description: protection to be granted

business appointment 82
Meaning: waste of time

business trip 3
Translation of the dream: economic profit

discuss business 4
Interpretation: news like arriving

Business Report 83
Sense of the dream: responsibility to deal

meddle in affairs 11
What does it mean: prudence and confidentiality

Business offers 32
Meaning of the dream: accuses dangerous

important business 64
Description: insult received

engage in business 18
Interpretation of the dream: you are a person willing

bleed man 2
Translation: trouble coming

plunge in business 26
Dream description: waste of time

hanged for business 5
Meaning: lack of reflection

powdering a man 46
Translation of the dream: uncertainties

take charge of affairs 68
Interpretation: impatience

company that does business 3
Sense of the dream: challenging decision

man 6
What does it mean: your looks aggressive or competitive

proud man 12
Meaning of the dream: superficial knowledge

ugly man 9
Description: Reports uncertain

crippled man 80
Interpretation of the dream: momentary setbacks

crazy man 88
Translation: extravagant ideas

brave man 70
Dream description: toward a goal