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Friend young widower. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Friend young widower. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

widower 19
Meaning of the dream: ability to be free and independent

widower sad 2
Description: confused and pessimism

widower at cemetery 20
Interpretation of the dream: commitments to be

widower with children 38
Translation: possibility of losses

be a widower 34
Dream description: sadness passing

marry a widower 74
Meaning: concerns for the future

typist young 63
Translation of the dream: small loss

young porter 32
Interpretation: ambition and vanity

young thief 28
Sense of the dream: inner conflicts

young carrier 60
What does it mean: doubts to be clarified

young florist 11
Meaning of the dream: rapid progress

remarry with widower 14
Description: challenges to overcome

young peasant 22
Interpretation of the dream: great activities

young monk 44
Translation: passion unsatisfied

kill a friend 2
Dream description: jealousy discovery

true friend 76
Meaning: small problems

young surgeon 15
Translation of the dream: decisive events

young laundress 64
Interpretation: increasing business

young servant 49
Sense of the dream: exceptional events

young brave 74
What does it mean: changes to be made

poached young 13
Meaning of the dream: high hopes

young worker 77
Description: a lot of movement

infatuated young 39
Interpretation of the dream: problems with family

young workshop 36
Translation: physical strength

young pickpocket 30
Dream description: Accepted tips

vagabond young 60
Meaning: criticism of relatives

visionary young 7
Translation of the dream: jealousy and contrasts

young seller 18
Interpretation: success of a deal

false friend 67
Sense of the dream: support to be given to an elderly

young lover 37
What does it mean: quarrels in love

gallant young 70
Meaning of the dream: damaging criticism

young chimney sweep 16
Description: secret betrayed

write to a friend 79
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary risks

condescend to a friend 53
Translation: inner balance

violinist young 81
Dream description: unjustified resentment

hotelier young 10
Meaning: diplomatic actions

injuring friend 44
Translation of the dream: actions confusing

gap to a friend 58
Interpretation: passing infatuation

escape to a friend 20
Sense of the dream: return of a loved one

accommodate a friend 69
What does it mean: profitable deal

blackmail a friend 6
Meaning of the dream: lack of self-confidence

humiliate a friend 39
Description: quick decision

hug a friend 48
Interpretation of the dream: novelty favorable

kiss a friend 84
Translation: bad luck in speculations

wake up a friend 39
Dream description: gossip and slander

alerting a friend 68
Meaning: misplaced trust

recognize a friend 15
Translation of the dream: errors to be repaired

slapping a friend 41
Interpretation: substantial aid

imprison a friend 11
Sense of the dream: jealousy and intrigue

haughty friend 21
What does it mean: lucky shot

lovable friend 40
Meaning of the dream: obstinacy dangerous

Friend angry 10
Description: speculation guess

friend arrested 27
Interpretation of the dream: persecution of enemies

good friend 12
Translation: arrogance of employees

wounded friend 7
Dream description: boredom and loneliness

interested friend 59
Meaning: sudden rise