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Deal with a businessman. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream deal with a businessman. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

deal with a businessman 71
Meaning of the dream: next ailments

businessman 8
Description: serene emotional life

be fooled by a businessman 66
Interpretation of the dream: fight with enemies

businessman who convinces 35
Translation: indecision

bag businessman 25
Dream description: fights with siblings

think of a deal 12
Meaning: risks and difficulties

deal 75
Translation of the dream: (Music) harmony in everything

hoarding a deal 79
Interpretation: fraud

scuttle a deal 38
Sense of the dream: loneliness

deal with an animal 15
What does it mean: Success in business

deal with a drunk 31
Meaning of the dream: ill-intentioned people

facilitate a deal 16
Description: protection not required

deal with a contractor 60
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected fortune

combine a deal 28
Translation: good new home

close a deal 58
Dream description: mischief and cunning

decide a deal 16
Meaning: grievances

ensure a deal 48
Translation of the dream: concerns for the future

strike a deal 33
Interpretation: laziness to win

offer a deal 19
Sense of the dream: likely changes

repent of a deal 3
What does it mean: friendly relations

attend a deal 23
Meaning of the dream: good agreement with brothers

unravel a deal 15
Description: pains and apprehensions

deal with a matchmaker 51
Interpretation of the dream: low energy

arranging a deal 77
Translation: reasonable decision

press for a deal 82
Dream description: constancy in love

make a deal 36
Meaning: risky business

treat a deal 13
Translation of the dream: reliable information

profitable deal 57
Interpretation: appropriate measures

deal beasts 58

operation deal 18

travel deal 45

Espying deal 13

mobile deal 52

contracting a deal 56

see deal or negotiate with Jews 13
Dream description: loss

make a deal of gold 71
Meaning: energy costs hurt

deal with a loan shark 17
Translation of the dream: dangerous adventures

go out of business 8
Interpretation: contrariness

business 8
Sense of the dream: windfall

good business 37
What does it mean: danger of intrigue

bad business 75
Meaning of the dream: next positive change

new business 43
Description: uncertainty

important business 64
Interpretation of the dream: insult received

Business offers 32
Translation: accuses dangerous

suspended business 84
Dream description: joys next

shady deals 90
Meaning: revenge of envious

business thwarted 6
Translation of the dream: next advantage

private business 12
Interpretation: loss to the game

foreign business 36
Sense of the dream: melancholies

agency business 36
What does it mean: triumph over enemies

business directory 47
Meaning of the dream: ill health

antique dealer 6
Description: danger trips

antiques dealer who sells 70
Interpretation of the dream: unjustified animosity

antique dealer who cheats 55
Translation: speculations wrong economic

be an antique dealer 45
Dream description: successful pleasant

business appointment 82
Meaning: waste of time

business card 25
Translation of the dream: adage dangerous

dealer 73
Interpretation: projects to be reviewed

dishonest dealer 81
Sense of the dream: work that is slow

be a dealer 60
What does it mean: financial undertaking in favor

retail business 22
Meaning of the dream: flattery interested

be in business 87
Description: insightful

business correspondence 59
Interpretation of the dream: conquest difficult

run a business 44
Translation: conquest of authorities

discuss business 4
Dream description: news like arriving

plunge in business 26
Meaning: waste of time

business letter 62
Translation of the dream: lack of reflection

business hours 42
Interpretation: negative attitudes

talk business 9
Sense of the dream: protection to be granted

drug dealer 37
What does it mean: restlessness

thinking business 30
Meaning of the dream: independence to defend

Business Report 83
Description: responsibility to deal

business relations 28
Interpretation of the dream: disorderly actions