Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

business thwarted

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: business thwarted

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6 business thwarted
next advantage

26 marriage thwarted
need for a program decided

52 Heritage thwarted
to avoid unnecessary expenses

8 go out of business

8 business

43 new business

87 be in business

37 good business
danger of intrigue

75 bad business
next positive change

64 important business
insult received

32 Business offers
accuses dangerous

84 suspended business
joys next

12 private business
loss to the game

36 foreign business

36 agency business
triumph over enemies

47 business directory
ill health

82 business appointment
waste of time

25 business card
adage dangerous

22 retail business
flattery interested

59 business correspondence
conquest difficult

44 run a business
conquest of authorities

4 discuss business
news like arriving

26 plunge in business
waste of time

62 business letter
lack of reflection

42 business hours
negative attitudes

9 talk business
protection to be granted

30 thinking business
independence to defend

83 Business Report
responsibility to deal

28 business relations
disorderly actions

45 business relationship
discussions with employees

74 written business
intimate joy

42 company business
unexpected meeting

16 business man
serene emotional life

3 business trip
economic profit

77 business cards
useful business relationship

8 businessman
serene emotional life

66 be fooled by a businessman
fight with enemies

71 deal with a businessman
next ailments

35 businessman who convinces

25 bag businessman
fights with siblings

38 thwart union
spirit of sacrifice

20 thwart a plan
good intelligence