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Own company. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: own company

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own company 45
Meaning of the dream: initiative

go to company 55
Dream Interpretation: excellent time for your work

administer company 88
Meanings of dreams: dangerous actions

sing in company 36
Dream Interpretations: happy inspiration

breakfast in the company 61
What does this mean: economic prosperity

lead company 56
What does it mean: modest life

Company Manager 15
Meaning of the dream: important interview

defrauding a company 11
Dream Interpretation: success uncertain

organize a company 6
Meanings of dreams: indiscretion of friends

go to the tavern in the company 88
Dream Interpretations: waste of time

Starting in the company 66
What does this mean: problems to be solved

stroll in the company 13
What does it mean: defeat of love

have a meal in the company 80
Meaning of the dream: quarrels with neighbors

pilgrimage in the company 7
Dream Interpretation: affections safe

good company 72
Meanings of dreams: intemperance

paddling in the company 18
Dream Interpretations: agreements that fail

Company scabrous 18
What does this mean: inner struggle

dodge the company 40
What does it mean: emotional disappointments

dissolve a company 29
Meaning of the dream: business discussion

anonymous company 75
Dream Interpretation: heavy responsibility

company business 42
Meanings of dreams: unexpected meeting

telephone company 6
Dream Interpretations: incoming letters

become part of a company 84
What does this mean: discussions and disagreements

founding a company 68
What does it mean: various events

liquidate the company 83
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

company transport 55
Dream Interpretation: coherence in

sell a company 56
Meanings of dreams: knowledge travel

company that does business 3

failed company 45

shareholder of the company 55

head of company 56

ride in the company 62

Orphans of the company 72

company of priests 34

of schoolchildren company 29

company of soldiers 60

military company 57

Company Money 80

cleaning company 17

construction company 44

theatrical company 41

be of great lords company 2
Meaning of the dream: fortune and honor

in the company of a vamp (fatal woman) 81
Dream Interpretation: attention to theft

compass 73
Meanings of dreams: arrogance of relatives

use a compass 21
Dream Interpretations: arrogance of relatives

compass fall 68
What does this mean: ingratitude of children

broken compass 87
What does it mean: exaggerations

accompany a stranger 80
Meaning of the dream: someone who still does not know wants to hurt you

accompany a relative 55
Dream Interpretation: you contrasts of interest

accompany a dead 37
Meanings of dreams: a deal gone very wrong

accompany a friend 43
Dream Interpretations: important to mention the work

accompany a wedding 53
What does this mean: next inheritance

accompanied blind 31
What does it mean: steadfastness of purpose

accompany the cemetery 32
Meaning of the dream: aid from friends

good companion 70
Dream Interpretation: generous enthusiasm

bad companion 68
Meanings of dreams: wrong operations

companion false 82
Dream Interpretations: correspondence unpleasant

sincere companion 24
What does this mean: new ideas and projects

faithful companion 55
What does it mean: self confidence