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Commercial affairs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: Commercial Affairs

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Commercial Affairs 65
Meaning of the dream: dangerous decisions

domestic affairs 34
Dream Interpretation: concerns and backbiting

legal Affairs 27
Meanings of dreams: quarrels inevitable

Ecclesiastical Affairs 25
Dream Interpretations: loss of money

neglecting affairs 34
What does this mean: lack of reflection

take charge of affairs 68

meddle in affairs 11

because commercial 2

commercial use 61

commercial agency 9
Meaning of the dream: marital disagreements

commercial disaster 11
Dream Interpretation: opposition of relatives

commercial invoice 16
Meanings of dreams: you have to be honest

commercial representation 24
Dream Interpretations: irritation and nervousness

commercial register 20
What does this mean: quick decision

commercial rivalry 37
What does it mean: hopes to gain

commercial basis 20
Meaning of the dream: many changes

commercial office 57
Dream Interpretation: obstinacy and nervousness

commercial travelers 13
Meanings of dreams: physical fatigue

commercial shareholder 82

commercial bank 46

commercial code 87

commercial law 14

commercial product 10

Chamber of Commerce 5
Meaning of the dream: favorable agreements

prevent an affair 6
Dream Interpretation: treacherous people to avoid

advise against an affair 58
Meanings of dreams: intellectual relations

affair of the heart 10

bank of commerce 4