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Broken cross. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream broken cross. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pastoral cross 80
Meaning of the dream: honors and awards

cross woman 21
Description: prestigious position

Cross mortuary 30
Interpretation of the dream: reassuring news

cross found 47
Translation: uncontrolled impulses

cross of love 42
Dream description: good social skills

brass cross 36
Meaning: burning Love

find the cross 47
Translation of the dream: harmful gossip

metal cross 6
Interpretation: discovery of intrigue

decorate a cross 66
Sense of the dream: Health Concerns

painted cross 34
What does it mean: faithless friends

bishop's cross 62
Meaning of the dream: do not trust the people

silver cross 25
Description: dangerous illusions

golden cross 12
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation and new projects

the cross on the altar 60
Translation: economic hardship

wooden cross 31
Dream description: events surprise

Copper Cross 27
Meaning: impatience from curb

cross torrent 68
Translation of the dream: sense of duty

carry the cross 77
Interpretation: emotional complications

cross with diamonds 67
Sense of the dream: good novelty in the work

Red Cross 65
What does it mean: sign of healing

prostrate before the cross 63
Meaning of the dream: errors to be repaired

see carry the cross 31
Description: nervousness to control

Way of the cross 30
Interpretation of the dream: wrath

decorated with the Military Cross 5
Translation: bad intentions

bracelet Red Cross 6
Dream description: tranquility in your concerns

cross on the dead 54
Meaning: godsend

broken arms 74
Translation of the dream: misery

cross lost 43
Interpretation: wealth, abundance

see men with the cross 20
Sense of the dream: good prediction in summer and bad in winter

knives on the cross 27
What does it mean: ominous, murderess

Christ on the cross 35
Meaning of the dream: disputes and quarrels

broken reed 54
Description: much vitality

Holy Cross 24
Interpretation of the dream: you lack spirituality

cross animals 74
Translation: revenge and satisfaction

sign of the cross with holy water 34
Dream description: misunderstanding

broken hips 30
Meaning: sadness, illness and loss

broken dentures 11
Translation of the dream: skillful diplomatic attitudes

broken wrappers 20
Interpretation: argument and discussion

broken cannon 16
Sense of the dream: little ailments

broken column 42
What does it mean: illusions falling

broken needle 1
Meaning of the dream: false friendship

broken portholes 9
Description: danger

broken line 78
Interpretation of the dream: instability of mood

broken compass 87
Translation: exaggerations

broken oars 3
Dream description: danger to get around

broken brick 85
Meaning: You will face all the difficulties

broken coat 16
Translation of the dream: tranquility of mind

broken elbow 11
Interpretation: adaptability to the environment

broken big scissors 60
Sense of the dream: rectitude

broken doll 55
What does it mean: dissipation of money

cross 2
Meaning of the dream: being unstable

broken wheelchair 18
Description: moodiness short

broken amphora 11
Interpretation of the dream: ruin avoided

broken toys 51
Translation: selfishness and calculation

broken gloves 39
Dream description: discovery of a secret

broken folder 28
Meaning: fast acting

broken portholes looking out 53
Translation of the dream: ponders better your feedback

broken lift 33
Interpretation: durable stability

Broken Jug 28
Sense of the dream: mishaps at work