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Broken line. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream broken line. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

broken line 78
Meaning of the dream: instability of mood

straight line 37
Description: rigidity

line 11
Interpretation of the dream: you have to go their own way without fear and sure of success

curved line 42
Translation: sweetness of character

line divided 68

line shoes 14

follow the line 63
Translation of the dream: consistency

subway line 13
Interpretation: joy

line of cars 63
Sense of the dream: mishaps in repetition

line of men 26
What does it mean: surprising conclusions

line dress 9

line dresses 8
Description: dream difficult to realize

line exercise book 53
Interpretation of the dream: it pretty rough

line at the post 75

starting line 26
Dream description: awaits a difficult test

Assembly line 52

line books 11
Translation of the dream: wise security

clothes line 29
Interpretation: danger of scams

line of women 27
Sense of the dream: pressing interests

broken column 42
What does it mean: illusions falling

line cash 47

line items 6
Description: weakness to be overcome

break the line 82
Interpretation of the dream: break with collaborators

buy the line 3
Translation: new negotiations

broken spear 2
Dream description: serious difficulties

use the line 40
Meaning: Wise Decision

broken needle 1
Translation of the dream: false friendship

broken chain 19
Interpretation: fears and mistrust

broken reed 54
Sense of the dream: much vitality

see the finish line 81
What does it mean: rights to be defended

broken flute 87

cross the finish line 4
Description: search of freedom

broken statue 7
Interpretation of the dream: heartbreak

finish line 17
Translation: winnings

line at the bank 53

broken cup 9
Meaning: initiatives wrong

broken doll 55
Translation of the dream: dissipation of money

broken bottle 45
Interpretation: states of tension

broken ladder 31
Sense of the dream: embarrassments and difficulties

broken chair 35
What does it mean: nervousness to control

broken ladle 64

broken wheelbarrow 88

broken lantern 46

broken lamp 31
Translation: hassles and worries

broken antenna 21

plumb line 6
Meaning: financial constraints

broken wheelchair 18

broken folder 28
Interpretation: fast acting

tail broken 29

broken jaw 77

broken road 22

broken tool 67

broken refrigerator 88

broken bowl 36
Translation: collapse of a friendship

broken leg 67
Dream description: rupture of relations

broken door 73

broken compass 87
Translation of the dream: exaggerations

broken string 11
Interpretation: strong emotions

broken branch 9
Sense of the dream: risk of accidents

broken guitar 61
What does it mean: impossible desires

broken stretcher 10

broken streetlight 37

broken bed 77

broken basket 44

broken piggy bank 10

bayonet broken 7
Meaning: sorrows by employees

colored thread 31
Translation of the dream: concerns inevitable

broken bag 88
Interpretation: contempt of danger

line their pockets 63
Sense of the dream: decisions to make

see a broken leash 76
What does it mean: a trusted friend has abandoned them