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Buoy with the ax. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream buoy with the ax. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

buoy with the ax 12
Meaning of the dream: accidents at work

buoy on the scaffold 34
Description: lack of objectivity

cut with the ax 29
Interpretation of the dream: violent actions

make the buoy 27
Translation: inconstancy in action

clinging to buoy 56
Dream description: poor reflection

see a buoy 45
Meaning: slow processes at work

wounding with ax 55

buoy 68
Interpretation: harbinger of doom

bark with an ax 15
Sense of the dream: approvals for work

tie a boat to the buoy 72
What does it mean: fair play

tear down something using an ax 1
Meaning of the dream: unexpected losses

hatchet 8
Description: irreconcilable enmity, even threatening opposition

use ice ax 33
Interpretation of the dream: tiring journey

boa guillotine 39
Translation: lifelessness

snake boa 15
Dream description: recognized expertise

Executioner with the victim's head 37

dark clouds 69
Translation of the dream: business to settle urgently

bloody dark 29
Interpretation: danger of leakage

dark eyebrows 29
Sense of the dream: excellent profits

campaign sown 36
What does it mean: serenity in love

dark new 3
Meaning of the dream: concerns and agitation

chopped onion 76
Description: loss of security

dark route 10
Interpretation of the dream: old problems to be solved

chopped thief 35

rough-hew 15
Dream description: emotional character

land sown 22
Meaning: benefits from work

use the dark 18
Translation of the dream: position compromised

buy the dark 3
Interpretation: lack of reflection

lifesaver cork 38
Sense of the dream: change of situation

display 13
What does it mean: malice hidden

entrust 66
Meaning of the dream: dangerous infirmity

put off 19
Description: love of neighbor

withhold 71
Interpretation of the dream: happy marriage

slam 12
Translation: indecision and reticence

sustain 84
Dream description: physical

sequester 13
Meaning: bad character

clippings 8
Translation of the dream: much misunderstanding

see the land sown with millet 13
Interpretation: great riches

shelve 16
Sense of the dream: sadness not justified by events, pessimism

hold 58
What does it mean: discord in the family

preserve 22
Meaning of the dream: You accumulate a lot of money

mislay 89
Description: you have to suffer before you find what you want

keep minutes 16
Interpretation of the dream: Critical to Avoid

keep apart 2
Translation: you need to regenerate

keep watch 22
Dream description: small physical ailments

harboring ill 33
Meaning: trouble from relatives

keep furniture 32
Translation of the dream: Speculation disadvantageous

keep secret 69
Interpretation: new hope

feather boas 89
Sense of the dream: vanity excessive

shelve hopes 12
What does it mean: economic security

entrust money 44
Meaning of the dream: treachery hidden

grooming animals 16
Description: lack of generosity

hold a grudge 48
Interpretation of the dream: thoughtless actions

keep riding 25
Translation: risky experiments

well kept 33

lay clothes 25
Meaning: secret pain