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White mounds. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream white mounds. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

white teeth 1
Meaning of the dream: lucky fate

White Lilies 22
Description: happy hours and serene

white mice 78
Interpretation of the dream: good relations

white chrysanthemums 53
Translation: proof of love

white gloves 68
Dream description: important protections

very white teeth 23
Meaning: very positive period

white sheep 62
Translation of the dream: intense friendships

white shoes 6
Interpretation: exciting novelty

white eyelashes 52
Sense of the dream: security and sobriety

White clouds 5
What does it mean: serenity

pair of white horses 61
Meaning of the dream: unexpected luck

white horses 10
Description: joy

white hairs 70
Interpretation of the dream: union inconstant

white whiskers 38
Translation: you do not comply

beans white 3
Dream description: declining health

white radishes 6
Meaning: jealousy and suspicion

white nails 46
Translation of the dream: good health

white trousers 63
Interpretation: unwelcome surprises

white tie 40
Sense of the dream: like surprises

white bra 20
What does it mean: serenity and suffering

white eyebrows 20
Meaning of the dream: health hazard

white buttercups 80
Description: contrasts with a child

white fabric 44
Interpretation of the dream: New Adventures

white paint 60
Translation: flirt interesting

white tulips 44
Dream description: small difficulty

white socks 11
Meaning: diplomacy with superiors

white grapes 32
Translation of the dream: ambitious projects

white flowers 30
Interpretation: overcome difficulties

white patches 8
Sense of the dream: arrival of relatives

white rags 74
What does it mean: indecision

skein white 10
Meaning of the dream: that appearances are deceiving

White skin 77
Description: love happy

white envelope 27
Interpretation of the dream: useless information

white hair and long 87
Translation: good wishes

white blanket 72
Dream description: calm and balance

white skirt 86
Meaning: joy and abandon

White beard 42
Translation of the dream: precision work

white cloud 49
Interpretation: usury

white petticoat 10
Sense of the dream: initiative

white chapel 50
What does it mean: projects to be pursued

white tent 71
Meaning of the dream: position of responsibility

white base 11
Description: pipe dreams

have white skirt 66
Interpretation of the dream: taste

harvest of white grapes 11
Translation: final settlement

buy white grapes 32
Dream description: minor accident

vine with white grapes 37
Meaning: encouraging news

White hair 45
Translation of the dream: notoriety and success

pergola with white grapes 23
Interpretation: victory over enemies

white waistcoat 81
Sense of the dream: agreement with the family

white tatters 21
What does it mean: quiet life

white bow 7
Meaning of the dream: malevolent judgments

white planet 42
Description: developments slow but sure

white jag 34
Interpretation of the dream: sexual desire

white powder 67
Translation: cynicism

white bag 40
Dream description: financial aid

white coat 42
Meaning: discontent and boredom