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Indian blessing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Indian blessing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Indian 77
Meaning of the dream: It will happen adventure

Indian canvas 79
Description: luck in love

Indian hut 66

masquerade as Indian 77

Indian Ocean 31

see or be rajah (Indian prince) 55
Meaning: contrariness

blessing 23
Translation of the dream: happiness and joy

receive the blessing 60
Interpretation: intuitive intelligence

give the blessing 89
Sense of the dream: need for economies

paternal blessing 83
What does it mean: opening new horizons in the family

motherly blessing 58
Meaning of the dream: understanding towards others

Papal Blessing 90
Description: achievement of ideals

blessing of the confessor 13
Interpretation of the dream: judgments too conventional

blessing of homes 53
Translation: excessive attention to detail

blessing of a flag 20
Dream description: irresistible attraction

blessing of a society 66
Meaning: versatile nature

Cardinal blessing 50
Translation of the dream: important proposals

christ blessing 40
Interpretation: personal success

pastor blessing 41
Sense of the dream: love for beauty

religious blessing 41
What does it mean: esthetic sense

blessing with the relic 80

blessing of the bishop 40

blessing soldiers 45

Carmelite blessing 4

Archdeacon blessing 38

Franciscan blessing 21

blessings do 38
Translation of the dream: contentment

reed of India 1
Interpretation: disappointments in love

encampment of Indians 86