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Indian religion. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Indian religion. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

religion 25
Meaning of the dream: peace and contentment

approach religion 68
Description: tranquility of mind

teach religion 66
Interpretation of the dream: new momentum

propagate religion 62
Translation: prosperity and well-being

profess a religion 1
Dream description: happy omen

move away from religion 43
Meaning: provocations by subject

abjure their religion 19
Translation of the dream: bad omen

Indian hut 66
Interpretation: Fortunately rising

Indian canvas 79
Sense of the dream: luck in love

masquerade as Indian 77
What does it mean: you will meet a person that you will love

Indian 77
Meaning of the dream: It will happen adventure

see or be rajah (Indian prince) 55
Description: contrariness

reed of India 1
Interpretation of the dream: disappointments in love

Indian Ocean 31
Translation: fear of being discovered

Augustinian religious 53
Dream description: the end of an argument

prickly pear 2
Meaning: pleasure trip

guinea pig 60
Translation of the dream: impatience from curb

to preach 78
Interpretation: mysterious happenings

Christianity 50
Sense of the dream: you will become poor

preaching 17
What does it mean: You know yourself is a lovable person, generous, which you might be of help

religious book 3
Meaning of the dream: desire for power

plants tamarind 10
Description: unexpected news

preserved tamarind 7
Interpretation of the dream: passing pleasures

Buddhism 60
Translation: difficulty passing

Hinduism 86
Dream description: many things are happening that you are displacing

excommunication 54
Meaning: good health

public debt 82
Translation of the dream: process lost

Cleric strolling 85
Interpretation: ambitions thwarted

cleric dead 32
Sense of the dream: adjustment of contrast

secular 79
What does it mean: interesting discoveries

tamarind syrup 63
Meaning of the dream: lifelong friends

lower clergy 35
Description: apparent misfortunes

make a debt 43
Interpretation of the dream: nervous tension

cleric regular 56
Translation: hopes dashed

double a debt 35
Dream description: momentary discomfort

cleric resigned 16
Meaning: short term success

tamarind pastille 58
Translation of the dream: next fire and serious

toss menstruation 16
Interpretation: new hope

having menstruation 17
Sense of the dream: you're in trouble with someone at work

Cleric in function 48
What does it mean: melancholia

clergy in function 45
Meaning of the dream: favorable change

worship the devil 21
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

irregular menstruation 4
Interpretation of the dream: successful successful

convert to Christianity 45
Translation: good balance

be taken in righteousness 34
Dream description: fortune

menstruation that are not 42
Meaning: you want to become a mother

embrace parents 4
Translation of the dream: benefit

strike a match 43
Interpretation: issues in family

angry with parents 6
Sense of the dream: Next satisfaction

meeting of unions 9
What does it mean: good deeds

to house nuns 19
Meaning of the dream: craftiness

alliance between religious 22
Description: protection of elderly