Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

walking serpentine (zig-zag)

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: walking serpentine (zig-zag)

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1 walking serpentine (zig-zag)
Business will have consequences

83 lovers walking
quarrels among relatives

55 Walking a player
prosperity achieved

77 walking a circus
momentary joys

32 child walking
news like

19 walking barefoot
necessary sacrifices

29 walking reading
Be careful in work

41 walking on snow
provocations by subject

78 walking on fire
Place shelter to an error

9 walking with a woman
resentments dangerous

41 walking with a man
aspirations logic

20 walking with a child
excellent physical shape

60 walking with an enemy
valid support

8 walking on the beach
keep harmony in the family

84 walking on grass
Safety in the daily struggle

41 walking on the roofs
You will find the way to success

70 walking in the countryside
evidence of genuine affection

72 walking with difficulty
financial difficulties

7 walking in the cemetery
next person s disease relative

28 insect walking
messy business

28 snail walking
difficulty passing

38 walking on ice
wasted effort

88 walking in the night
need for greater prudence

78 walking naked
imbalance nervous

70 nurse walking
likely trip

19 walking in the shade
trouble overcome

34 walking together in a park
rebellion environment

80 walking in the rain
entry money

41 walking in the meadow
excessive attachment to the habits

68 see teacher walking
good buys

9 walking on mercury
comfortable income

7 walking on the stones
pain and suffering

16 walking on the shore
proposals faltering

13 dealer walking
cheerfulness and good humor

30 walking on the sand
suspicion and jealousy

61 skeleton walking
the pain of separation

83 seminarians walking
good health

40 spectrum walking
discomfort and worries

2 walking along the beach
tranquility of mind

29 walking on garbage

16 walking through the wreckage
you do not have trust in others

18 tumbling walking
you could avoid the grief

62 walking on the carpet
easy life

7 walking on clover
lack of self-confidence

36 walking man
good business

4 Vehicle walking
new friends

1 walking on glass
impulsiveness and nervousness

6 walking in an alley
lack of confidence in the future

28 see walking a rate
a lazy person annoys you

3 walking in the desert
you re depressed, unmotivated

40 walking on a minefield
themes to be betrayed

31 dead man Walking
sudden impediment

6 walking or narrow lane
do a trip

2 walking on the edge of a river

59 walking in muddy roads

29 be sleepwalking
undue alarm