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Failure attack. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Failure attack. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

attack 41
Meaning of the dream: attention to their own interests

political attack 31
Description: anger

Communist attack 53
Interpretation of the dream: Happy Marriage

attack behind 61
Translation: opposition inevitable

terroristic attack 76
Dream description: hoax

enemy attack 70
Meaning: you will be offended

attack verbally 65
Translation of the dream: uncertain business

attack in front 60
Interpretation: obstacles and struggles

performing an anarchist attack 63
Sense of the dream: cracks and separations

organize an attack 54
What does it mean: deeply hate a person

failure fertilization 8
Meaning of the dream: happiness in family

the attack was 78
Description: need to change something in your life

Pope attack 90
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationships

attack for robbery 33
Translation: new production commitments

false failure 14
Dream description: dangerous friendships

cure a failure 62
Meaning: business cheated

suffer an attack 60
Translation of the dream: imminent danger

tram failure 63
Interpretation: issues to be resolved

in revenge attack 78
Sense of the dream: successfully countered in business

appliance failure 12
What does it mean: confusion in love

make a failure 52
Meaning of the dream: earnings and payouts

Chocolate failure 13
Description: goal reached

led failure 3
Interpretation of the dream: tendency to loneliness

lift failure 15
Translation: many hopes for projects

payment failure 70
Dream description: excessive voltage

clock failure 18
Meaning: sudden discovery

failure of a boat or hull 88
Translation of the dream: unexpected gains

failure 80
Interpretation: fortune

air raid 17
Sense of the dream: coherence in

assault of criminals 54
What does it mean: successful initiatives

die of a heart attack 50
Meaning of the dream: favorite trip

attack a train 43
Description: independence

fault 37
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

aerial bombardment 61
Translation: exaggerated pride

fit of rage 61
Dream description: tenacious feelings

support an assault 31
Meaning: shocking displays of affection

attack an enemy 76
Translation of the dream: You win your battle

attack a fight 51
Interpretation: presumption punished

attack the barricade 12
Sense of the dream: You're conformist

counterattack 52
What does it mean: misunderstanding with your loved one

negotiations failed 4
Meaning of the dream: profit

fail to duty 5
Description: false security

graft failed 44
Interpretation of the dream: passing concern

panic 10
Translation: concern for the situation to be addressed

palmist failed 54
Dream description: haughtiness

lion attacking 39
Meaning: vain ostentation

snake that attacks 10
Translation of the dream: need for reflection

fortress attacked 24
Interpretation: squabbles interest

beast that attacks 76
Sense of the dream: sentimental crisis

attacking a friend 38
What does it mean: waste of money

attacking a passer 71
Meaning of the dream: reconciliation with friends

attacked by a dog or other 79
Description: nervous breakdown

target missed 4
Interpretation of the dream: nature patient

attempt 50
Translation: a letter or an event will change your life

fiasco broke 24
Dream description: disagreement with themselves