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Year old celebration. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream year old celebration. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

celebration of festivals 53

celebration of Masses 16

Christmas celebration 51

Easter celebration 66

congregation in celebration 43

Eucharist celebration 65

Last year 72
Translation of the dream: caution at work

Next year 84
Interpretation: enthusiasms and projects

New Year 2
Sense of the dream: fortune

year of plenty 23
What does it mean: sense of duty

year of famine 79
Meaning of the dream: optimistic forecasts

leap year 4
Description: prudence with enemies

holy year 25
Interpretation of the dream: good resolutions

Current year 12
Translation: privileges conquered

school year 27
Dream description: difficult changes

head of year 1
Meaning: sobriety and concentration

end of year 65
Translation of the dream: good solutions

go to a New Year's Eve 23
Interpretation: waste of time and money

out of a New Year's Eve 12
Sense of the dream: economic concerns

poor year 34


critical year 27

year of peace 48

year of revolution 4

happy New Year 26

wish good year 39

Take the bait with soldiers 14
Meaning: news

embrace an old 67
Translation of the dream: concerns

encampment of soldiers 22
Interpretation: fortune

gold lighter 19
Sense of the dream: happy reunion travel

aquarium with goldfish 51
What does it mean: oscillating position

meeting of soldiers 3
Meaning of the dream: contrariness

fascinate old 7
Description: unwillingness

crowds of soldiers 25
Interpretation of the dream: concerns passing

frank holdings death 33
Translation: hatred declared

freeze in the cold 5
Dream description: good faith betrayed

needle with eye gold 26
Meaning: changes in position

stir old 29
Translation of the dream: restlessness unjustified

gold lacing 13
Interpretation: opposition to a deal

Great Dane that celebrates 45
Sense of the dream: serenity of spirit

lodge soldiers 89
What does it mean: next trip

old alcoholic 1
Meaning of the dream: permanent danger

behold breastfeed 60
Description: Decision to be taken

alignment of soldiers 15
Interpretation of the dream: provocation of neighbors

soldiers to stay 89
Translation: next trip

a lovable old 6
Dream description: sadness unjustified

old lover 88
Meaning: good health

cold environment 38
Translation of the dream: arrogance of relatives

old friendship 17
Interpretation: obstacles to overcome

moldy 36
Sense of the dream: businesses difficult

moldy paper 51
What does it mean: businesses difficult

moldy fruit 81
Meaning of the dream: presumption punished

moldy cellar 12
Description: sentimental conquests

moldy ceiling 38
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous illusions

mutiny of soldiers 52
Translation: Luckily the game