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Congregation in celebration. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream congregation in celebration. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

congregation in celebration 43
Meaning of the dream: usury

Civil congregation 9
Description: sudden trip

religious congregation 54
Interpretation of the dream: contacts to resume

congregation of charity 87
Translation: fear of deceit

congregation 6
Dream description: contacts to resume

Easter celebration 66
Meaning: uncertainties

celebration of Masses 16
Translation of the dream: excellent earnings

celebration of festivals 53
Interpretation: greater relaxation

Eucharist celebration 65
Sense of the dream: misfortune

religious celebrating Mass 5
What does it mean: providential aid

Christmas celebration 51
Meaning of the dream: Family and positivity in life

to celebrate 82
Description: peaceful and serene life

celebrating a religious marriage 24
Interpretation of the dream: profitable activities

attend a commemoration 9
Translation: consolation and assistance

celebrations 88
Dream description: joyfulness

20 - Smorfia classic: party 20

celebrate marry 58
Translation of the dream: heightened emotionality

celebrate Mass 26
Interpretation: deserved awards

celebrate easter 28
Sense of the dream: persecution of enemies

celebrate diploma 48
What does it mean: payout of hostilities

celebrate graduation 30
Meaning of the dream: your inner problems demanding a solution

celebrate an event 2
Description: rapid rise

celebrate a return 24
Interpretation of the dream: messy love life

illuminated festively 20
Translation: needs change

festive evening 12
Dream description: contentment

celebrate a solemnity 37
Meaning: strong sense of justice

celebrate a funeral 19
Translation of the dream: unforeseen event

celebrate a name day 51
Interpretation: very complex person

festively bell 32
Sense of the dream: relations in danger

city ​​celebrates 12
What does it mean: windfall gains

party at church 37
Meaning of the dream: succession next

celebrate a religious service 14
Description: sensitivity of mind

Mayor celebrating a wedding 8
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental serenity

people in party 76
Translation: pleasant meeting

attend a party 24
Dream description: well directed actions

Ambassador at a party 7
Meaning: you are doing something wrong at work

dancing at a party 2
Translation of the dream: profitable activities

action at a party 2
Interpretation: right introspection

lady at a party 36
Sense of the dream: successes

Great Dane that celebrates 45
What does it mean: serenity of spirit

be in a party and dance 53
Meaning of the dream: joy and earnings

party 20
Description: yearn for fun

crowded party 41
Interpretation of the dream: the problems will be overcome

approaching feast 49
Translation: dangerous infirmity

family party 60
Dream description: status uncertain

dance party 14
Meaning: originality and impatience

whip up a feast 48
Translation of the dream: unprofitable business

start the party 77
Interpretation: dangerous temptations

plan a party 62
Sense of the dream: critically

enliven a party 71
What does it mean: Excessive confidence

parish 22
Meaning of the dream: good future

prepare for a feast 48
Description: protections and supports safe

give up a party 22
Interpretation of the dream: scrupulousness in work

commemoration of the war dead 2
Translation: generous efforts

returning from a party 38
Dream description: violent emotions

congratulations for a party 23
Meaning: impending problems

commemoration 2
Translation of the dream: successful business

participate in a festival 28
Interpretation: exuberant vitality

organize a carnival party 45
Sense of the dream: emotional ties in danger