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Wounded cow. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wounded cow. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cow 17
Meaning of the dream: gain safe

sea ​​cow 88
Description: diseases avoided

milk a cow 14
Interpretation of the dream: windfall

fat cow 60
Translation: loss of property

lean cow 3
Dream description: realizations

dead cow 84
Meaning: disputes difficult

cow grazing 38
Translation of the dream: personal affirmation

cow suckling 38
Interpretation: affected quiet

cow ruminates 55
Sense of the dream: vain illusions

cow fleeing 57
What does it mean: burdensome problems

cow with the plow 75
Meaning of the dream: gumption

cow with bull 43
Description: requited love

cow with calf 48
Interpretation of the dream: right judgment

cow in the barn 39
Translation: hard work

cow in the plains 79
Dream description: victory over enemies

cow in the mountains 78
Meaning: popularity and success

cow slaughter 22
Translation of the dream: uncertainty about what to do

see the cow milking 37
Interpretation: problems solved

buy the cow 28
Sense of the dream: triumph over difficulties

steal the cow 54
What does it mean: squabbles interest

being chased by a cow 11
Meaning of the dream: inner insecurity

fillet of cow 5
Description: compromising entanglements

Boiled cow 16
Interpretation of the dream: wrath

cost cow 31
Translation: physical fatigue

mozzarella cow 62
Dream description: wills

muzzle cow 27
Meaning: risky business

cow giving birth 45
Translation of the dream: interesting novelty

heron wounded 49
Interpretation: prudence with collaborators

lift a wounded 11
Sense of the dream: protections from higher

ambulance with one wounded 63
What does it mean: astuteness

sick wounded 42
Meaning of the dream: sensuality exaggerated

Admiral wounded 76
Description: protection to be given

gunner wounded 32
Interpretation of the dream: prudence with expenses

assist a wounded 69
Translation: precautions exaggerated

wounded woodcock 42
Dream description: mental laziness

robber wounded 43
Meaning: curiosity satisfied

wounded horse 74
Translation of the dream: embarrassments and opposition

wounded deer 20
Interpretation: hostility in family

wounded boar 78
Sense of the dream: easy achievements

wounded dove 4
What does it mean: Work nagging

Colonel wounded 30
Meaning of the dream: deception as to avoid

fighter wounded 78
Description: quarrels short

wounded hawk 90
Interpretation of the dream: infidelity by a woman

gull wounded 28
Translation: small disturbances

gendarme wounded 76
Dream description: changing situation

wounded wolf 77
Meaning: alternative choice

wounded in the forehead 38
Translation of the dream: great danger when you know you lose your wealth

wounded in the arm 26
Interpretation: soon you lose powerful friends, that so far you have been faithful

wounded in the leg 12
Sense of the dream: embarrassments at home

butcher wounded 30
What does it mean: anxieties and worries of short duration