Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams


The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: cow

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17 cow
gain safe

88 sea ​​cow
diseases avoided

14 milk a cow

60 fat cow
loss of property

3 lean cow

84 dead cow
disputes difficult

38 cow grazing
personal affirmation

38 cow suckling
affected quiet

55 cow ruminates
vain illusions

57 cow fleeing
burdensome problems

75 cow with the plow

43 cow with bull
requited love

48 cow with calf
right judgment

39 cow in the barn
hard work

79 cow in the plains
victory over enemies

78 cow in the mountains
popularity and success

22 cow slaughter
uncertainty about what to do

41 milk the cow

37 see the cow milking
problems solved

28 buy the cow
triumph over difficulties

54 steal the cow
squabbles interest

11 being chased by a cow
inner insecurity

25 milking cow
your earnings are constant

45 cow giving birth
interesting novelty

19 cower
clashes of views with your neighbor

18 cattle of sheep, horses or cows
abundance and richness

18 back cowardice
quick decision

14 Moscow
standstill period of stagnation

52 guardian of cows
life joyful

1 see cows
prosperity in proportion to the number

37 It is haunted by cows
danger, a bit of prudence to avoid

34 cowardice
you ll have to fight

81 raise many cows
your riches are set to increase