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Worn boots. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream worn boots. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wear boots 28
Meaning of the dream: accepted the advice that will be given

put boots 9
Description: safety and precision

buy boots 22
Interpretation of the dream: good omens

women's boots 57
Translation: new relationships

mutate boots 1
Dream description: business to be clarified

clean boots 6
Meaning: choice to make

sell boots 19
Translation of the dream: mishaps travel

forms of boots 88
Interpretation: precipitous actions

strap on your boots 90
Sense of the dream: favored career

boots with nails 75
What does it mean: momentary uneasiness

boots child 61
Meaning of the dream: concerns for relatives

men's boots 37
Description: tips to follow

boots 36
Interpretation of the dream: accepted the advice that will be given

hunting boots 90
Translation: missteps

buttoning his boots 63
Dream description: moral suffering

mountain boots 72
Meaning: lucky fate

ankle boot 80
Translation of the dream: You have a nice personality

dress worn 2
Interpretation: ambition fulfilled

Discalced Carmelite 42
Sense of the dream: to overcome prejudices

broken shoes 11
What does it mean: lack of initiative

defective shoes 90
Meaning of the dream: evil enemies

muddy shoes 7
Description: worries and troubles

wipe shoes 57
Interpretation of the dream: aggressive behavior

tight shoes 64
Translation: progress difficult

loose shoes 8
Dream description: you're too possessive

shoeshine 45
Meaning: business to be put in the hands of human law

brush shoes 74
Translation of the dream: strong and lasting relationships

see shoemaking 15
Interpretation: need protection

shoemaking Children 17
Sense of the dream: small wins

flat shoes 50
What does it mean: trouble for writings

pick up shoes 60
Meaning of the dream: not be able to avoid the gossip

Embroidered Shoes 54
Description: discord to talk

painted shoes 42
Interpretation of the dream: projects do not give up

Clean shoes 6
Translation: complicated matters

extricate shoes 77
Dream description: generous spirit

lose shoes 33
Meaning: Stop in business

mutate shoes 5
Translation of the dream: joy and abandon

possess shoemaking 40
Interpretation: prudence in speech

enlarge shoes 34
Sense of the dream: excessive dynamism

manufacture footwear 51
What does it mean: unexpected obstacles

anoint shoes 45
Meaning of the dream: wasted effort

sell shoes 36
Description: initiatives and optimism

rub shoes 38
Interpretation of the dream: trip likely

line shoes 14
Translation: long-term investments

consume shoes 68
Dream description: physical endurance

wooden shoes 72
Meaning: you are afraid of someone

change shoes 26
Translation of the dream: need for decision

repair shoes 15
Interpretation: quiet life

dye shoes 44
Sense of the dream: misunderstanding in the family

elegant footwear 69
What does it mean: honor from subordinates

moccasin (footwear) 19
Meaning of the dream: Good news in general

break shoes 81
Description: physical fatigue

enter shoemaking 28
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels with relatives

trade shoes 68
Translation: unjustified suspicions