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Ivory button. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ivory button. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ivory button 1

ivory 10
Description: misery

amulet of ivory 12
Interpretation of the dream: harmful gossip

ivory white 78
Translation: strong sense of responsibility

binoculars ivory 15
Dream description: necessity of submission

mouthpiece of ivory 44
Meaning: unjust decisions

ivory cameo 11
Translation of the dream: treat yourself to a little rest

ivory casket 12
Interpretation: breaking agreements

carve ivory 19
Sense of the dream: businesses difficult

rosary of ivory 53
What does it mean: lack of initiatives

Chess ivory 28
Meaning of the dream: excessive arrogance

ivory box 35
Description: winning the game

ring ivory 61

worked ivory 36

veneered with ivory 18

case ivory 86

stick with ivory knob 45
Translation of the dream: forebodings deceivers

umbrella with an ivory handle 65
Interpretation: exchange of courtesies

button up 85
Sense of the dream: imprudence

button 65
What does it mean: good omen

golden button 35
Meaning of the dream: bad advice

silver button 38
Description: resentment to overcome

button bone 39
Interpretation of the dream: wins sensational

glass button 84
Translation: prodigality eccentric

sew on a button 81
Dream description: vain search for an ideal

lose a button 18
Meaning: agitation and insomnia

reattach a button 74
Translation of the dream: satisfactory balance

touch of a button 58
Interpretation: unexpected proposals

find a button 81
Sense of the dream: small gains

bright little button 68

white button 38

colored button 88

alabaster button 17

Uniform button 14

brilliant button 80

cotton button 21

jacket button 67

button of his waistcoat 16

Wood Button 62

metal button 32

Silk Button 83

overcoat button 41

button to wrists 52

to dress button 75

broken button 54

belly button 43

tortoiseshell button 6

mother of pearl button 90
Interpretation: cracks and separations

button or piano keyboard 2
Sense of the dream: everything will be for the better

buttoning the dress 18
What does it mean: imprudence

buttoning his pants 78
Meaning of the dream: thankfulness

buttoning his shirt 1
Description: quiet affair

buttoning her coat 25
Interpretation of the dream: surprise

buttoning up the dress of a woman 16
Translation: end in sight

buttoned cuffs 18
Dream description: bond passenger

buttoning the collar 26
Meaning: lasting joy

attaching buttons 60
Translation of the dream: false flatterers

coat unbuttoned 31
Interpretation: you re too suspicious

buttoning his boots 63

buttoning his gloves 83

buttoning his vest 39

see their buttocks 52
Description: childhood

buttocks see those of another 11
Interpretation of the dream: bagatelle

unbutton 73
Translation: inner restlessness

unbutton his jacket 21
Dream description: inner restlessness

unbutton his pants 19
Meaning: fluctuations in the profession

unbutton her dress 60
Translation of the dream: thirst for freedom

unbutton your coat 4
Interpretation: strong critical sense

unbutton his gloves 77
Sense of the dream: emotional sensitivity

rip buttons 19
What does it mean: good working relationships

buttocks 65
Meaning of the dream: there will be gossip, infidelity from friends and relatives

carnivorous 6

divorce 78

buttoning leggings 45

buttoning his uniform 14

buttock woman 28

buttock man 44

unbuttoned 65

assortment of buttons 44

string of buttons 35

carnivorous plant 57

divorce his wife 56

survivors 43
Interpretation of the dream: desire for renewal and rebirth