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White stork flying. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream white stork flying. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stork flying 65
Meaning of the dream: risk of theft

stork 89
Description: little happy news or even chance of suffering a burglary

stork in the nest 44
Interpretation of the dream: businesses difficult

see the stork 32
Translation: changes to deal

flying on the broom 8
Dream description: dangerous hazards

white sail 31
Meaning: accommodation business

white muslin 45
Translation of the dream: improvised Friends

White Silk 41
Interpretation: ability organizers

white stole 7
Sense of the dream: loss of friends

flying over the sea 11
What does it mean: exaggerated pride

white wax 55
Meaning of the dream: strength and health

white cape 66
Description: lack of stability

white crown 26
Interpretation of the dream: overcoming of obstacles

white skirt 86
Translation: joy and abandon

white goat 36
Dream description: brilliant statement

white lime 73
Meaning: nervousness and fear

see flying grasshopper 37
Translation of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

white tent 71
Interpretation: position of responsibility

white robe 46
Sense of the dream: scruples exaggerated

white stocking 89
What does it mean: imprudence dangerous

white undershirt 74
Meaning of the dream: contempt of danger

see flying terns in the waves 11
Description: news from distant countries

flying artillery 58
Interpretation of the dream: superficiality and lightness

crows flying in troop 72
Translation: Hard cold, disaster

White skin 77
Dream description: love happy

white paint 60
Meaning: flirt interesting

white bitch 33
Translation of the dream: deceptions

white flannel 86
Interpretation: return of a love

white chapel 50
Sense of the dream: projects to be pursued

white tape 74
What does it mean: new experiences

butterfly flying 13
Meaning of the dream: changing ideas

white scarf 6
Description: challenging decision

white foliage 21
Interpretation of the dream: success in society

leaves flying 27
Translation: sick passenger

White shirt 2
Dream description: danger close

white wool 71
Meaning: new businesses to sift

white race 16
Translation of the dream: climate sentimental good

white tie 40
Interpretation: like surprises

white eel 28
Sense of the dream: profitable venture

White beard 42
What does it mean: precision work

White paper 14
Meaning of the dream: experiences from which to profit

white fairy 28
Description: Good luck in the hunt

white tablecloth 61
Interpretation of the dream: happy event

white base 11
Translation: pipe dreams

mat white 80
Dream description: new hope

white toga 8
Meaning: Peace and tranquility

white curtain 59
Translation of the dream: emotional sensitivity

have white skirt 66
Interpretation: taste

Comet White 55
Sense of the dream: good news waiting for you

white planet 42
What does it mean: developments slow but sure

white fur 71
Meaning of the dream: loss of friends

flying eagle 68
Description: narrow escape

flying vulture 45
Interpretation of the dream: opposition to rivals

white cherry 37
Translation: peaceful and happy life