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White owl dead. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream white owl dead. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

owl dead 57
Meaning of the dream: victory over a rival

owl 6
Description: very near death of a close relative

owl flying 43
Interpretation of the dream: you're looking to curb your instincts

owl wounded 5
Translation: you're too honest

owl (bird) 31
Dream description: next aid

owl beak 44
Meaning: bitterness from sons

killed the owl 12
Translation of the dream: false accusations

owl in the countryside 8
Interpretation: deception avoided

see the owl 8
Sense of the dream: new worrying events

owl on the roof 13
What does it mean: bad news

barn owl 88
Meaning of the dream: Useful research

woman owl 7
Description: someone you know wants to fuck

white wall 30
Interpretation of the dream: sudden changes

owl singing 40
Translation: probable disease

owl tree 21
Dream description: difficult relationships

white currant 12
Meaning: proposals baffling

white wool 71
Translation of the dream: new businesses to sift

white race 16
Interpretation: climate sentimental good

white dog 23
Sense of the dream: promising start

2 dead 2
What does it mean: nearby enemies

white button 38
Meaning of the dream: missed opportunity

white wire 77
Description: gossip and slander

white ceiling 12
Interpretation of the dream: love affairs

see the white rat 47
Translation: ruin your enemy

herd white 27
Dream description: death of a relative

tawny owl 1
Meaning: caution and watch out for enemies

white candle 77
Translation of the dream: happy news

white plate 63
Interpretation: balanced decisions

dead squirrel 23
Sense of the dream: easy conquest

Franciscan dead 60
What does it mean: stain on your soul

white fairy 28
Meaning of the dream: Good luck in the hunt

white notebook 24
Description: unpleasant criticism

White 10
Interpretation of the dream: purity, sensitivity of mind

hunchback dead 67
Translation: love declaration

octopus dead 48
Dream description: penis and breaks

White Ox 17
Meaning: right introspection

hawk dead 38
Translation of the dream: lies and slander

English dead 20
Interpretation: economic improvements

playing dead 56
Sense of the dream: dark period

White horse 14
What does it mean: unexpected luck

white head 21
Meaning of the dream: good health

White skin 77
Description: love happy

white bitch 33
Interpretation of the dream: deceptions

white crown 26
Translation: overcoming of obstacles

white tape 74
Dream description: new experiences

white frame 77
Meaning: secret aspirations

white foliage 21
Translation of the dream: success in society

white chapel 50
Interpretation: projects to be pursued

White shirt 2
Sense of the dream: danger close

white fabric 44
What does it mean: New Adventures

white petticoat 10
Meaning of the dream: initiative

white scarf 6
Description: challenging decision

white goat 36
Interpretation of the dream: brilliant statement

dead dove 33
Translation: projects that go awry

dead seagull 50
Dream description: serious opposition

dead spider 61
Meaning: victory over an enemy